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  1. Hi eDDy, is it possible to get a fully useable version of Android for B7300?, similar to HTC Leo(HD2)? fully working marketplace, fully working 3G ect. Or it may possibly TAKE OVER the native Windows OS?
  2. Hi... is it possible to port bigboss sense over to wqvga resolution? it is possible on my omnia lite after using NYDITOT virtual display, however, it is very slugging. without using NYDITOT, even with just half the flip clock and half the sense, it works verrry verrrrrry well. omnia lite supports 3d acceleration by the way. THANKS IN ADVANGE :rolleyes: EDIT: half as in half the screen as omnia lite is 240x400 while wvga is 480x800
  3. ermm... hi ppl, is it possible to include touchflo 3d for omnia lite into an official rom?
  4. NAHH!!! DPI stands for dot per inch or pixel per inch, it is something which could never be modified due to its hardware. it is not something like iPhone4 which has a 320x480 screen but its resolution is 640x960 at 326dpi. The video uploaded below is my b7300 in action!! BTW thanks malilavic :rolleyes: OMNIALITE_running_bigboss_sense_2.5_for_wvga_OMNIAII.wmv
  5. wow!!! great roms!!! tried everyone of them. they worked FLAWLESSLY!!! Any plans to cook a rom for omnia lite b7300?? THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR YOUR AWESOME EFFORT!! appreciated :rolleyes:
  6. thanks man for this AWESOME ROM!! is it possible to have it down-sized to samsung omnia lite b7300's WQVGA screen? thanks in advance (:
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