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  1. Hello, do you think you can get me a quran with both english translation and transliteration? Ive been looking for it on the web for a very long time now and it doesnt seem to exist. I use omnia i900 with winmo 6.5.3 Your effort will be greatly appreciated man
  2. Hello all, Can someone please tell me how to change the icons on this rom? I prefer normal icons to the iphone-like ones that came with this rom and besides since i cant get iphone-like icons for my apps, its makes my UI inconsistent. Great ROM all the same, been looking for i908 roms for long!! Thanks guys.
  3. Hello all, Would like to know if Yonn's roms will work on my omnia i908. My version is i908ZHHH1. I have Yonn_i900_M2D_GTX_Premium_23128_XPR rom. Your reply will be greatly appreciated
  4. Hello all, Will this rom (ock_Eclipse_23118_TouchInput_Edition_1) work on my omnia i908? My version is i908ZHHH1. Your response will be greatly appreciated.
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