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  1. Interestingly it appeared in the Play Store for me as soon as I read this yesterday and I installed it with no issues (also UK).
  2. This picture makes the button situation clearer:
  3. rhyd

    Decent email app

    Did you try clearing data for Tabmail?
  4. rhyd

    yawn ive been bored tonight

    Eclipse + EGit? Haven't used Git or the EGit plugin myself, but I use Eclipse daily as my dev env, with an SVN plugin for source control. As they're both Eclipse Team providers I imagine it's as easy to use - right click > team > commit / right click > team > update to HEAD etc.
  5. Clearing the data worked for me on 1.7 with an Exchange account. Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Email > Clear data. Can't remember if I forced a stop and restarted, but probably worth a go while you're on the screen.
  6. I'm getting a similar problem, if not the same, on Steve's 1.7 at the moment. I haven't had a chance to look into it, but I'll reply here again if I find out what's going on.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?ymmy94x1hrvo0pq That's the one I used to go back to 2.1, then back up to 2.2 v3.
  8. When you boot clockwork, it still loads stock recovery menu first, choose option 3 (update.pkg) and it'll load clockwork (unless it's still being deleted, that is).
  9. Same problem with those settings. Interesting
  10. What other settings did you have? h264 works fine for me :S
  11. Works fine for me, as do live wallpapers :) YMMV
  12. Choose option 3 in recovery (Update.pkg), to load Clockwork. Confused me for a while too!
  13. rhyd

    Surprise everyone !!!

    The last system.img I downloaded turned the Streak screen upside down compared to the previous. Does that count? Hehe.

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