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  1. link to that software & guide to use it...
  2. dhawal3320

    Indian Guys here

    moderator(s) kindly close / delete my topic problem is solved thanks PANKAJ_M
  3. dhawal3320

    Indian Guys here

    NOTE:- Sorry for posting such things but i am so much depressed to all Indian Guys here who are having b7610 & successfully used android please PM me your number so that i can talk to you on phone becoz its more than 25-30 times i have tried installing android & i have failed on some point or the another. i need side by side VOCAL instruction my number is EDIT awarner please do not post your number you can contact me or sms me our name with adding word android so that i can call u back thanks in advance !!!!!
  4. dhawal3320

    [B7610] Android Install

    dude file not found give us a new link if possible
  5. Download game from here
  6. yes pls if you can do it.. only you can master it with your rich knowledge & vast experience... :lol:
  7. i think its a flex problem... once i did same in my earlier phone I-mate K-jam & had to change flex & was done by service vendor too..
  8. dhawal3320

    Daskalos B7610 MEGA-lit-EX

    Sir can we have windows mobile v6.5 also !!!!
  9. anyother paid or free software ??
  10. WWE rom is absolutly failed... sorry to say... no icons in menu not english language.. brother kindly check it !!!
  11. waiting for WWE version !!!

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