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  1. First post updated with an add-on which removes transparent nav and stausbar.
  2. Szia ! Felkerült az új build, ebben már nem találkoztam a checkbox laggal. Hi ! The new build is uploaded , in this build I did not noticed the checkbox lag.
  3. You should set your regional settings in settings of fm radio app. Default is US , if you change it to EU the freq step will be 100 kHz instead of 200 kHz.
  4. I am very busy with my job , but today evening or tomorrow I will upload sources to my github.
  5. I was busy with my job , now both the headset and speaker works fine in fmradio . Only one thing I have to solve is volume control when using fm headset before new public build. Thanks , I will take a look into it.
  6. I was tested fm on speakerphone only , and later noticed that switching to headset there is no sound. Please be patient until I fix it. I know which device should I use both for speaker and for headset , and with a little hack (rerote fm speaker to fm headset) headset is working fine if speakerphone is selected , but I want to fix audiopolicy problems before release. I will merge Kra1o5's repo so the checkbox lag should be gone too.
  7. Now the fmradio is working , today evening or tomorrow there will be a new buid with working fmradio.
  8. The coming build will have working fmradio. I need to fix the audio , the rds is working , channel search is working.
  9. Hi ! I did not fix omx video youtube green bar as it was not broken. Since my 20131018 build this rom uses omx codecs to play youtube videos . All modification made for native cm10.1 source tree is uploaded to my github. Since my 2013.10.18 build Kra1o5's and my development uses different approach. I use Arco's display legacy which is mainly a cm10.1 native code. (hardware/qcom/display) .I made some mods in it . Kra1o5 (since R11) uses (I think) Dazzozo's display legacy which is based on cm10 hardware/qcom/display source. The second difference is omx codecs . I selected a working OMX codecs and modified media_codecs.xml while Kra1o5 modified /media/libstagefright/OMXCodec.cpp to get stock omx codecs working. Third is about display too . Kra remarked log generation in frameworks/native/services/surfaceflinger/SurfaceFlinger.cpp while I revert back kernel/mm/madvise.c to the stock version to avoid logcat messages about display. Fourth is wifi Kra uses own compiled wifi module while I use stock precompiled version. Maybe I am on the wrong way , maybe not . I dont know.
  10. It plays videos in hq using omx codecs without green bar. Some screenshots attached.
  11. Could you provide logcat , what happens when you start the camera. It is still using the same camera libs as previous builds , only the kernel was updated from Kra1o5's repo a few builds ago. A new build is uploaded . I merged the swap sdcard option from Kra1o5's repo .
  12. New build uploaded. changelog: Refreshed CM sources and stability updates.
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