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  1. First post updated with an add-on which removes transparent nav and stausbar.
  2. Szia ! Felkerült az új build, ebben már nem találkoztam a checkbox laggal. Hi ! The new build is uploaded , in this build I did not noticed the checkbox lag.
  3. You should set your regional settings in settings of fm radio app. Default is US , if you change it to EU the freq step will be 100 kHz instead of 200 kHz.
  4. I am very busy with my job , but today evening or tomorrow I will upload sources to my github.
  5. I was busy with my job , now both the headset and speaker works fine in fmradio . Only one thing I have to solve is volume control when using fm headset before new public build. Thanks , I will take a look into it.
  6. I was tested fm on speakerphone only , and later noticed that switching to headset there is no sound. Please be patient until I fix it. I know which device should I use both for speaker and for headset , and with a little hack (rerote fm speaker to fm headset) headset is working fine if speakerphone is selected , but I want to fix audiopolicy problems before release. I will merge Kra1o5's repo so the checkbox lag should be gone too.
  7. Now the fmradio is working , today evening or tomorrow there will be a new buid with working fmradio.
  8. The coming build will have working fmradio. I need to fix the audio , the rds is working , channel search is working.
  9. Hi ! I did not fix omx video youtube green bar as it was not broken. Since my 20131018 build this rom uses omx codecs to play youtube videos . All modification made for native cm10.1 source tree is uploaded to my github. Since my 2013.10.18 build Kra1o5's and my development uses different approach. I use Arco's display legacy which is mainly a cm10.1 native code. (hardware/qcom/display) .I made some mods in it . Kra1o5 (since R11) uses (I think) Dazzozo's display legacy which is based on cm10 hardware/qcom/display source. The second difference is omx codecs . I selected a working OMX codecs and modified media_codecs.xml while Kra1o5 modified /media/libstagefright/OMXCodec.cpp to get stock omx codecs working. Third is about display too . Kra remarked log generation in frameworks/native/services/surfaceflinger/SurfaceFlinger.cpp while I revert back kernel/mm/madvise.c to the stock version to avoid logcat messages about display. Fourth is wifi Kra uses own compiled wifi module while I use stock precompiled version. Maybe I am on the wrong way , maybe not . I dont know.
  10. It plays videos in hq using omx codecs without green bar. Some screenshots attached.
  11. Could you provide logcat , what happens when you start the camera. It is still using the same camera libs as previous builds , only the kernel was updated from Kra1o5's repo a few builds ago. A new build is uploaded . I merged the swap sdcard option from Kra1o5's repo .
  12. New build uploaded. changelog: Refreshed CM sources and stability updates.
  13. It is inside the zip , no separate kernel uploaded. About the camera : I think it is missing some chroma files , in next build all the stock chroma file will be included. You can check it using logcat . About NFC : I still not have any passive tag to test with , but in last build Tag.apk was added as it was missing from previous builds. The new build will be uploaded today evening , with working videorecording . The new build uses OMX codecs (hw) for playing music, youtube.
  14. Great job ! It is the G510 dancing bug solution. https://github.com/Kra1o5/android_kernel_huawei_msm8x25-common/commit/be501f2ae6bb60d0bd1da11df52f1e651b833885
  15. Good news ! I have working videorecording. The build need some fine tuning before I publish it.
  16. The new display driver is using ion. There are changes which are merged already like extra governors in my builds . But my kernel uses updated kgsl part , display part (msm_fb , mdp). I have no idea where to find the relevant part of the memorydealer warnings. Kra1o5's kernel works with my build (after reverted the dancing cwm fix) and I think these warnings present in Cexstel kernel as well.
  17. I tried Kra1o5' kernel , but it gives memorydealer warnings while loading OMX codecs , with the new display drivers. I have to merge the cnages in my kernel to Kra1o5's kernel to fix the milky screen and the memorydealer warnings in my build. If I can merge the changes will publish a new build as well as the modified sources.
  18. in my build these files already compiled in. and nfc is (at least androidbeam) is working. in the patch there is nfc.exynos4.so while the stock nfc driver is nfc.huawei.so. The patch also missing some other files needed for nfc.
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