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  1. Im running RC2 and have an issue loosing mobile data when the phone has been a sleep a while. WiFi still works fine. Switching to airplane mode and back reenables data. Happening on both my blades (OSF OLED and OSF TFT). Anyone else getting this ? Cheers, Nick
  2. No they dont. They hold a patent for a mechanism used to store long filenames on FAT filesystems without breaking compatibility with old applications. vFAT which is in use in most modern Linux kernels has a different implementation. https://en.wikipedia...long_file_names and http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS4980952387.html Cheers, Nick
  3. You should try Sej's build from 26 March. Its 7.2 nightly or is it RC1 ?!? with the newest old kernel with new gfx libs (I think :huh:). Runs smoother and good if not better battery. Cheers, Nick
  4. Hi, Signal to noise ratio is terrible in this section of the forum, makes even searching laborious. Its available from http://www.the-jedi.co.uk/downloads/cm7/ Cheers, Nick
  5. Same issue here with my blade. Phone normally never reboots with navigation. Went to the lake district Sunday where tmobile reception was poor, most of the time roaming to orange and my blade reboot 3 times on navigate. Drove to Newcastle yesterday and back on the A1 and not a single reboot, only roamed a few times and not for long. Once it rebooted whilst I was stationary. I am running CM7 Cheers, Nick
  6. Thanks, this will do nicely until I can work out what's happening with the latest nightly builds. Cheers, Nick
  7. I did not say it was software controlled. Every device has to have to capability to control charging to prevent overheating/leakage etc, be it in the charger (like with your AA/AAA chargers) or in the battery like you state :) or passively by design (trickle chargers). I was also clear to point out that there IS a difference in what the phones says against what the battery is really doing. :) Cheers, Nick
  8. I have not got the link at the moment. But all devices that charge a battery themselves need to regulate the charging for safety reasons (battery overheating and leaking being the common issue of over charging from a fast charge). If the devcices provide a rapid charge (like mobile phones, laptops battery chargers), they need to have the built in ability to stop rapid charging, by cycling to a lower charge current that won't damage a battery if left to charge forever AND/OR cycling of the power. I think the Blade is not so accurate at gauging when to stop rapid charging (when using the mains charger) - it seems to loose track easily of how much charge capacity is - a simple calibration (running flat and then leaving charging whilst turned on over night) every week or so helps prevent this. So when the Blade is charged by the rapid charging and says is fully charged, leaving it to cycle/trickle charge seems to add a bit extra charge, but until you do a calibration run it will inaccurately report the amount of charge left (some people note sticking at 100% for a long time, I find my phone can spend a very long time at 10% and below before getting so flat it turns itself off). The battery seems quite durable, had my Blade nearly a year and a half with no noticeable loss in life (differences in day to day usage more significant). Cheers, Nick
  9. I have been digging and found this Youtube video which shows things are looking very promising, makes you wonder why Google said a Nexus One can't run ICS.
  10. Been a lot of development for both ICS and CM9 for the blade, is it looking like the Blade will be able to run ICS/CM9 when they are stabilised/tested/released, without any performance issues ? Cheers, Nick
  11. Blade will work (how well is another question...), has a compatible GPU (same GPU as Nexus One which already does run ICS), and has more than the 256mb minimum. http://forum.cyanoge...post__p__252875 Cheers, Nick
  12. Been playing with the White OSF Blade. The default proximity settings are miles too low and the calibration tool is setting them too high. Clean install has the values 300 and 380 Calibrated for me is 1002 and 1128. You need to edit the file /data/misc/prox/prox_data.txt and edit the first two comma separated values. You need a root capable tool - I found an app called "File Expert" from the instructions at http://www.jayceooi.com/2011/06/12/how-to-edit-root-file-on-android-the-free-way/ But I found Jota Text Editor would not save the files. I found through trial and error that 880,800 worked best, 50 lower or higher for each was enough to stop the sensor working and a difference of about 80-100 seems best. Oh, just about to file a bug report. Cheers Nick.
  13. I have a White San Francisco in the family and as well that has problems with the proximity in CM7.1 stable. Not tried older versions of CM7, but was fine with Swedish Spring and Stir Fry, 2.2 and 2.3 roms. Cheers, Nick.
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