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  1. looking closely at this thread, these chinese phones are amazing, just got to pick one around £120, any suggestions? btw, is the ZTE V955 a newer, better phone than the V970?
  2. neologan

    Blade 3 launched in the UK on Virgin Mobile.

    seems to have a similar spec to the old san fran? not bad for £80, though.
  3. i've been looking for the same. I saw this a few days ago and am tempted, but i'd rather get something in the uk if anything out there is a similar spec for the same-ish money.
  4. An update: Turns out the actual tft is smashed, too, not just the touch screen part. Anyone know if that is removable, i could then buy a damaged model where the tft still works and try to merge the two. So far i can't see how to do this.
  5. it's been broken for months now, but perhaps i can bring it back to life. The screen is cracked fully in a million bits, i'm wondering if it's possible to get a replacement anywhere in the UK. It was one of the first with an IPS screen, not sure if that makes it harder. Any info on this would be most appreciated! Can post a pic up if you need to see the damage to advise.
  6. Yeah sorry, i have a bookmark right to here and still not used to the forum tree at the top, i didn't notice i was in the roms section. So the skate is a more powerful phone than the blade? I love the enormous rom support for the blade, so maybe i should just get another...
  7. My San Fran had an accident. I was wondering if these days there is a better option than the San fran at the same price range, or if it's still "the" budget android phone to get. Thanks.
  8. wifi still drops when phone goes to sleep and you turn it on? I thought that would be sorted by now (i have come from an oooold froyo rom)
  9. neologan

    too many notification emails

    and do what exactly? it's not like other forums so i am lost with setting this up... i am using instant notification, and i assumed i'd get one email if someone replies, and then if 20 reply afterwards, no more emails, but i'm getting replies for every reply :(
  10. neologan

    too many notification emails

    i have subscribed to a thread, and unlike other forums, i seem to be getting notifications for every reply someone makes, not just the first one. I can't find an options to stop this behaviour, help!
  11. Maybe install launcher pro, it's as smooth as smooth can be.
  12. I've noticed on my blade, ADW launcher seems to act really slow. I switched to Launcher Pro and it's super smooth now in the apps drawer, etc. Is this normal? If so, why is ADW included as default with the build? Am i missing something good about it?
  13. try calibrating the battery? might help as it does seem like a weird issue.
  14. I suppose it comes down to how efficient the CPU and GPU are. Perhaps at this early stage power management is not at it's very best on the GPU side of things. Could be a number of reasons, even bad drivers.

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