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  1. As there is no forum for this amazing tab let (currently the best android tablet in my opinion, and yes I've tried most if the big guns). Just thought I would post on here advising the devs on here that don't visit the Sony tab forums at xda that there is currently a $425 bounty for root for the tab s. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=18840574
  2. anyone got this working on Vegacomb???
  3. Is anyone else having problems with the screen edges not working??? Also have a problem unlocking the device after out had been charging on the official dock!!!! But overall good progress, just not useable for everyday use just yet!!!
  4. Well its been 11months of fun but my Streaking days are up!!! My device is still working perfectly, even though I have a small crack in the Gorilla glass from my 9 month old baby and her newly appeared teeth!!! I was due an upgrade so have moved over to the Samsung Galaxy S2 - with the specs of the phone, I can't go wrong here, though I will miss the size of the Steaks screen especially when watching any type of video!!! what would everyone recommend I do with my Streak and the accessories I have for it??? As far as I can see I have three options 1. Keep my Streak, car kit and cases and use for Sat nav in the car. 2. Sell phone to a website that recycles old phones (£80) and then sell accessories on ebay. 3. Sell the whole lot on ebay as a package, clearly stating that the screen has a small crack, and see what I can get for it. What would people here suggest I do??? thanks in advance Extrememonkey
  5. What's this about the blue light? What's been fixed and what was wrong on the first kernal? I never noticed anything?
  6. If you mean that when the device is turned back on from standby (screen off) then this is a common problem with the vega.... Also the battery percentage will also stick.... After a few mins usage this rectifies itself. I think this is one of the last things that the device updates when turned back on whereas on most other devicesthis is one of the first things
  7. All sorted, no need to panic anyone!!!! Just in case this phenom happens to anyone else - all I did was connect to my pc and by magic the touch screen worked again!!!!
  8. Hey Corvus and newbe.... First off fantastic rom, faster than my 9 month old in her baby walker, and thats fast just ask my cats!!! Only one small problem - since leaving it on charge on my dock over night I can't seem to unlock the device? the touch screen doesnt seem to wanna play? I have rebooted, two penguins - boot animation - lock screen - things working in background (emails being recieved etc) - but cant unlock! Is there anything I could do to sort this without having to reflash??? Cheers eM
  9. Totally agree, lovin the concept of the secret workspace though....
  10. What launcher and rom are you using??? With the info bar at the bottom of the screen I guess your usjng CM7???
  11. Ok this is drivin me nuts now.... Changing usb mode by holding the back button whilst booting up - does anyone know if this alters the mode for the bottom port of the vega? the port used if you have the dock! On stock or MCR r8 if i put my vega into my dock I can browse and view the contents of the attached ext hardrive without switching usb modes, apparently the dock port is set to be in host mode. On Corvus rom I cant get my hdd to show up at all.... Any advice would be appreciated, love this rom, but this little niggle (big to me as I have the dock with hdd connected to my tv via hdmi for movies/music etc) is the only thing stopping me from sticking it out with Corvus.
  12. Anyone having problems using this rom and the dock??? when I drop my vega into the dock how do I get it to show up my ext hardrive thats connected.... Used to be able to do this on MCR r8 without switching usb mode but not with this???? Is it possible to do without rebooting into slave/host??? (Always get tbe two confused)
  13. Lovin this ROM, speedy and smooth with some nice little extras!!!
  14. Thanks Simon, ive tracked down a XP machine so will do what I need to do on that!!! It really annoys me that I cant do it on my Vista lappy, cant for the life of me figure out why, and I really hate being out smarted and defeated by a bloody computer!!!! Im no dev or computer whizz, but can usually do anything that is thrown at me after a little research and trial and error, but this has truelly gotten the better of me for some reason!!!
  15. Simonta - thanks for all your advice, but everything I try on this stupid Vista Laptop dont seem to work..... Im gonna delete everything Vega related off it, and try and find a friend/family member that is still running XP. Unless someone wants to connect upto me and sort me out that way???? Dont even know if it would be possible????
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