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  1. I'd say that you've got nothing to lose by trying ? if the boot.img was not altered by this rom!
  2. Yep, that's what I did, but I'm not using windows, so I had to find a computer for it... at least it is done, and here is the good boot.img for automounting the innersd partition in /intsd ! superboot2.img this is for 2.4.4 streakdroid, enjoy guys !:lol:
  3. I m pretty sure that it will work... I just have to format it in fat32 system file... I m waiting for the card now... As for my superb mod, I don t know what to add to make it a little bit more finished... the glue was polished already, and the bits that are a little everywhere are here on purpose (no kidding :-P ) The note is really slippery, especialy when holding with one hand, and the glue add some grip! And at that price, i prefer it a little ugly but in my hand, than beautiful and exploded on the ground... a matter of taste I guess :-D If you have any idea for a good finish (no black tape, thanks! ) please describe !
  4. I think I made it... for 2.4.4, but unfortunately, it seems that I bricked my Streak by trying to upgrade... (not because of my mod, I just tried to upload the new dsp1 and amss.mbn... but I wrote flashboot dsp dsp1.mbn, which I believe was wrong, then I typed flashboot dsp1 dsp1.mbn... which was more it, but when I rebooted, the device refuse to boot ! at the best, I can get a dell logo, but nothing else... And I can't boot in recovery mode or flashboot mode ! Anyone got any idea ? And if there's some willing beta tester around, here is the modified boot.img.... I HAVEN't BEEN ABLE TO TRY IT !!!! but It should be rather armless, if it's no good, then it should not boot, you just have to put another original boot.img instead, with the flashboot util ! Tell me if it works, while I'll be trying to save my poor streak ! Boujou bien, K. this first version didn't worked well, here is the other one below !
  5. BTW, as we can't use this mod on the galaxy note (no innersd, just a flash chip, which is only 16 GB), I chose to put an adaptor microSD toward SD reader... This adaptor can be obtained from a famous gadget chinese site, SKU # 27001 (no more than 6 $) this mod is quite safe, you will only ruin the backplate of your phone, which should be easily replacable (well I hope so, because mine is quite ugly now... :lol:) The only difference between the NOTE and the Streak, is that the backplate slide in the streak and is metal, whereas it only is clipped directly and plastic, without sliding on the note, which make it easier on the later. this mod allow us to put normal SD card on our phone, even the new LEXAR 128 GB... B) THAT is A LOT of space huh ? here is the mod on my NOTE : Tell me what do you think of it !! boujou bien, K. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Sorry guys, I haven't flashed yet GB on my streak, didn't wanted to break it with this mod... And now I just received the galaxy Note, so I'll be able to play with the streak without being afraid of not be able to phone call ! I will try this soon ! boujou bien, K.
  7. BTW, I just saw that 64 GB microSD are now available, and that after formating, they are compatible with many phones, despite the theoretical restriction... Has anyone tried this on the streak ? they are less than 160 $... I cannot find them yet in France. Boujou bien, K.
  8. I'm afraid it won't work straight out of the box... but the only extra steps are quite easy to do : from the tuto, you just have to format your new microSD card, with your computer, to obtain 2 partitions, and flash the modified boot.img corresponding to your streakdroid version... good luck !
  9. kwenteen

    Streakdroid 2.3

    Hello ! I haven't tried yet this (apparently awesome) release... Before I do I have two question, if someone feels to answer them : Is the touchscreen bug still there in the 2.3 version (unable to unlock the device because of the unresponsiveness of the touchscreen) ? How are handled the mount points ? Is there still an init.rc file to edit, to modify those parameters, and is there now an automatic recognition of a double userspace ? (à la samsung galaxy S, with internal memory + microSD) Thanks !
  10. <br /><br /><br /> If I'm not mistaken, you don't have to follow this Howto... basically, you just need to put your new internal µSD instead of the broken one, then boot with the vol down (or up) push... and then choose factory reset, it should prepare your brand new micro sd ! good luck ! Boujou bien, K.
  11. Nope, but I did it for 1.9.1 in the following thread... : tested and working ! boujou bien, K.
  12. In fact, when you open the archive update.zip, you have a folder for each option in the /install/kor/ directory. Every streakdroid option requiring a modified boot.img will have it in the folder with his name, so you can find your answer in it ! Boujou bien, K.
  13. Here is the latest boot.img for the 191 version... enjoy ! boujou bien, K. biginnersd191.img P.S. : remember, this boot.img is not to use with volboost and other mod that require another boot.img !
  14. I don't exactly get it... you tried the tuto, it failed at the mke2fs line, so you continued using Gparted, unfortunately, you used the wrong system file... the modified boot.img is looking for an ext3 partition in /dev/block/innersd0p2, not an ext2... Then have you checked the repartition of your different partitions on your big innersd with gparted ? could you see a big primary partition (that you formated in ext2) number 1, then Two extended partition, numbered 5 and 6, which are for cache and data ? once you have reformated in EXT3, check with a file manager on your phone if you have a /intsd folder, containing what you put on the user accessible partition of your new biginnersd... if yes, then you're almost done, you just have to finnish the mod by mounting /intsd into your sdcard, so everything that's in it will be scanned by the system. you can first try to do mount -o bind /intsd /mnt/sdcard/intsd in a script with gscript or gscript lite, it's the same than using it with autostart.sh, but you have to run it manually every time you boot the device. Then check if you have a /sdcard/intsd folder containing your innersd data... if yes, you just have to reforce a scan of the media so your music/movies are detected by the system : another script in gscript : pm disable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver pm enable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver or you can use rescan media, a freeware available on the internet, that does the same... Hope it helped, good luck with it ! :)
  15. MMMMhhhh.... I think it's doable, by using flashboot instead of classic update.zip method... you'd need the different filesystems by using a nandroid backup from someone else... then you could use a modified boot.img file, that do a link between your innersd and /sdcard... this way it could work... But I don't know exactly how to do that... I'm mounting the internal sd into /sdcard/intsd/ folder, and AFTER the external sdcard has been mounted... hence you need to adapt my mod... tell me if you think you could handle it, if I can help a little... good luck, boujou bien. K.

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