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    Has the Moto G made cheap phones cool?

    I still use my zte as primary phone (he is having his 3rd birthday these days ;) and i still love it, since i had bad times to retrieve it.. they never sold it in Italy!). I'm waiting to understand if the moto g is going to have the same community support, if yes i will buy it 100%
  2. I'd love to buy this device, but, sadly, it seems like the community do not like intel processors a lot; this is easily translated into no easy root, recovery, roms, etc... Hopefully now that the asus note 6.0 has been announced and still equipped with an intel CPU, developers will give some more love to the fonepad too ;) by the way Kallt_kaffe (that i used to love some years ago due to the zte blade, that i still use ;) ) underlines interesting stuff. My question is.. what is going to affect this loss of benchmark performance. Battery life? start up time of the application? or the apps will run simply slower?
  3. As far as i know benchmark never tell the whole truth about a device all around perrformace, but i'm really curious to ask to you, code guru, how a "simple" update can make such a diference. as far as i know this is the changelog of the update we are talking about: Bug fixes for game execution, e.g. NBA2k13, Space Hunter, and LINE Homerun Battle Burst. APN modification for carriers. Optimized power consumption for music playing. System performance fine-tuning. so the "system performance" seems not to be the first feature on the table, but we have seen an amazing improvement proved by the posted image. I know that Antutu is not optimized to test intel architeture, but as far as i know antutu had no update these days, to this improvement is not a consequence of a better antutu analisys. Maybe intel optimization is such in an early stage that there are even more optimization mark ups. Any other explanation? someone updated his device? any noticeble performance improvements? P.S. Is it possible to talk about xda root evolution here?
  4. aleckxander

    Asus Fonepad Review

    OK open a board on modaco, create a community active the halft of the ZTE blade, and TAKE MY MONEY!!
  5. Canonical is going to release Ubuntu source code the next week. Do you think we will have any chance to flash it on our dear old friend blade? I'm not a guru about all these stuff, but i suppose that someone should work on it to make it some how compatible with our devices, Am i wrong?
  6. aleckxander

    Nook Touch announced, Nook Color price drop

    The question is, which will be supported by modaco, the Nook or the Fire? :P seriously even if the nook has some better specs i don't see why i should choose it when i have the kindle fire or the archos g9 80 as options..
  7. aleckxander

    hannspad 10.1 = malata a1011

    Hi people, i'm seriously considering the option to buy this tablet; honestly the main reason is this site. My experience with the zte blade proved me how much a Community like this makes the difference when you are going to buy a hitech device. Said that i may have the opportunity to buy a malata a1011 with an even more affordable price, i've read around here that they are the same device : is this true? Any "official" resource about this? And if it's true, how are the screen on that device? Randomly good like the hansspad atm? If anyone is aware and in the mood of replying.. well thank you :)
  8. Amazing prize! Anyway i think that they don't send outside germany :\ sadly :\ i could even try to find a contact in germany, but how can i ask the site if they are shipping the newer screens? :\ Quite complicated. By the way i'll keep an eye around and tell you if i find a shop with international shipping :)
  9. does anyone know some ebayer that sends oversea (italy) a '53' serial Hannspad for something like <200€ ? ;) after the "top pick" named "orange san francisco" i'd like to try this tablet since i can see the same future for this device, let's see if i'm right lol :)
  10. sotty it's in italian but images is what matters now :D http://www.androidworld.it/2011/03/24/zte-...tia-2011-41308/ the Style S is the new name of the already known Skate Android 2.3, 4,3″ display, 2 cameras (5mpx / 0,3mpx) 1350mAH battery (?!?!), GPS, compass, Bluetooth, Wifi, micro-USB, 3,5 mm jack. v11-LTE tablet: Android 3.0 Honeycomb, 1,2GHz cpu, 10″ display, 1280×800 resolution, 2 cameras (5mpx / 1,3mpx), 512MB RAM, 6800mAH battery. LTE, HSPA e WCDMA netwoks.
  11. don't think they will TPT this rom anyway if you TPTed your phone you won't have any problem as far as you update with the right recovery version, i had the TPT jj9 image installed, updated the recovery and used the given CM7 update zip, everything works great beside what have been already pointed out. Oh another problem maybe; is the default alarm working like it should to you? i used it before and it begun to ring, but the screen kept black
  12. It seems that 3 new devices from zte where confirmed some times ago at WMC 2011 sadly i found only an italian preview with pictures http://android.hdblog.it/2011/02/14/zte-pr...-light-e-skate/ Zte Skate: Android 2.3 - 4.3″ display - WVGA - 800Mhz - GPU Adreno 200 - 5Mp camera - GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/UMTS - Bluetooth - WiFi - AGPS - G-Sensor - digital compass. Zte Light: 7″ capacitive display, Android 2.2, WiFi, GPS, 3G It seems that a 10'' gingerbread dural-core tablet is on the road too, but no hardware at the WMC. via http://android.hdblog.it
  13. I think it's because probably not many people use it and not a lot of "gurus" looked into it as much as they examinated other flashing ways. (i use the term "guru" the more respectful possible, if it sounds sarcastic or offensive please tell me). Cause of this and the fact that it seems to change in a lower lever your phone partitions all those advices are still needed. This is my impression, maybe i'm wrong. Said that i use the TPT as soon as it is possible since worked always flawlessy to me :lol:

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