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  1. Aren't the plastic covers purely shipping covers, to protect the phone until it arrives safely in your hands? The first thing my wife did with hers was peel them off.
  2. mine's been on it's way from Rotherham for 8 hours now.... snail mail for sure!
  3. Got my shipped email about 10 minutes ago, nice to see I'm not the only one. Clicked (optimistically) on the tracking info... damn.. ParcelForce.. oh well, might get it some day ;)
  4. Would've raided CPW if they'd had the 32GB version, not just the 16GB. November 8th.... looking forward to it.
  5. Nexus 5 arrives... and it's worse! £25 for a simple case and £35 for a flip one. And neither in stock.
  6. CPW and 3 were in Sheffield Meadowhall and P4U in PC World at Meadowhall retail park.
  7. Went into CPW at the weekend. All the phones we were interested in were switched on and attached to wires, meaning it was easy to pick them up. And, apparently set off the over-sensitive alarm on the HTC One Mini. Handy having the various tablets switched on too, kept the kids quiet while we browsed. Phones4U in PC World were also on wires, but not switched on. Went into 3, all clamped to the tables. Asked to see a Z1, salesman said no problem and got one from the storeroom. The missus now has a shiny new Z1 (she works outdoors and it has a nasty habit of raining so the waterproofing will be useful). I'm not at all jealous. Honest.
  8. For free.. can't complain. Good graphics, simple gameplay in the games themselves, although the various squad selector options are bewildering, for someone who hasn't played FIFA since the PS2 was retired! To top it all off, played a quick game and led the mighty (cough cough) Blades to a convincing 1-0 victory over Wednesday.
  9. "Sky custom creates the app ONLY for certain devices." Back when I had Sky, and cared about what they did, the update released for one of the minor OS upgrades for the old Nexus 7 arrived AFTER Sky Go started to work on the device (it had stopped working when the OS updated). Many users reported that Sky Go had started to work without updating the app itself. In other words, the app worked fine, the only thing that appeared to be stopping it working, was a lack of an entry in a central whitelist on Sky's servers. I eventually got so fed up of Sky and their pathetic attitude to Android users (as well as other complaints I had with them), that I ditched them altogether. OK, I don't get Sky Go, but I rarely used it anyway. Watching on a 7" screen seemed pointless when I have a 42" one to do that, and there's no way I'd pay even more to them just for the privilege of downloading onto the Nexus to watch away from the house. Live streaming over 3G would use my data allowance in no time at all, so never used it for that. Saving myself about £30 a month too, even after upgrading to fibre (another bugbear, as Sky would only deliver 40Mbps, compared to the 71Mbps I'm getting from BT, for roughly the same price).
  10. if so, why didn't they drop the Nexus 7 prices? Loads of 4's lying around and only a handful of 7's?
  11. Contract is up in a few weeks, and looking for a new phone to run on payg... damn shame I can't stand the looks of the Nexus 4! Have to wait to see what comes next, hopefully not a 5" screen, don't want a slab of a phone.
  12. Not sure why you all think that the IP57 rating is such a strange idea. I'm guessing you don't have kids! Glass full of spilt juice heading towards the tablet? No worries, pick it up, shake off the drink and pop it under the tap to rinse off the sticky. Going to the beach? No sand worries, as the rating includes dust-proofing, not just water. Caught in sudden downpour with your expensive tablet in your rucksack? You're safe. Some people use tablets as electronic cook books, so this will be protected from splashes and spills and steamy kitchens. I always said I'd never get another Sony phone after the pain that is my Xperia Ray... but it seems that now SE are Sony, they're getting their act together and starting to tempt me....
  13. Used to use quite a lot out of the monthly allowance, but, now I work from home a lot, so use wifi, and when out and about I take my Nexus7 and a mifi. I also turn off background data sync, I don't need notifying every 15 minutes that some pointless email has arrived, I can check that at lunchtime or when I get home. Not only does that cut down on the data used, but it saves your battery too. Even if I did use a chunk of data, at 1p per Mb, it's not really a concern, and reading emails and browsing a few websites doesn't use that much.
  14. For me, Three's new PAYG deal, with no time limit, is ideal. When I saw that they were removing the "month to use" clause, I checked how much I have used so far this month. In 3 weeks since my last bill, I'd have used less than £2.50 in credit, meaning a £10 top up will last me 3 or 4 months. Makes a contract, for me, ridiculously expensive in comparison.
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