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  1. I there i recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy S from ebay, it is Orange branded with the following ROM baseband I9000XXJPK and Build Number : FROYO.BVJP8 I am wondering if anybody can directed me to a set of tutorials on how to debrand it and put a fully vanilla version of Samsung's ROM on it and what methods are there to unlock it to all networks. Thanks
  2. i am on gingerounay 2.5.0 and after installing Link2sd and partitioning my Sdcard im getting random reboots every couple of hours or so does anybody also have this issue
  3. hi i am also stuck here, I have the official 2.3.5 version ROM however i cannot Root my phone even after flashing the superuser program as everytime a program requests Root excess it gives me a Force Close error prompt
  4. when i press the sleep button on top of the phone it takes a few seconds to turn on and show the lockscreen.Is this a problem with the ROM i flashed or is it a hardware fault? thank you
  5. this ROM drains battery power very fast. anyways to counter this?
  6. hi i have been using this ROM without trouble however I have noticed that it zaps my battery down when i use it with a bluetooth ear piece? is this a problem with this particular rom or is it Android in general?
  7. i managed to install AmonRa v.1.0 and installed a custom Froyo ROM however if i want to install a stock gingerbread BIN using the Acer Tool software would i need to remove AmonRA recovery and flash it with a stock Acer recovery? if so which version would i need thanks
  8. Thank you very much i understand now.
  9. i installed Recovery 1.0 for Froyo however when i try to install any custom based 2.3 ROM it just hangs on the Acer logo any ideas?
  10. hi there I installed Froyo 2.2.2 build number Acer_Liquid 1.100.49_EMEA_GEN1 ROM using Acer Tools software and rooted by phone using superOneClick and I have installed RecoveryMT 2.2 however when i attempt to enter recovery mode using the multi button technique it just hangs on the ACER logo and doesnt work
  11. that doesnt have a 5-6 week delivery date?
  12. hi i was just wondering if there was any way to tweak the pinch to zoom feature in the browser as it seems quite laggy.
  13. I am thinking of selling my Streak and buying one of those new Desire HDs everybody is talking about.However i am still quite reluctant.Does anybody have this phone and if so what do they think of it so far?
  14. The Orange SF has the potential to become the AK-47 of Smartphones cheap,robust and reliable.
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