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  1. Awful idea. Cheapens the whole brand IMHO. No one in their right mind wants ads on their lock screen, I certainly wouldn't. Wileyfox for me have lost it completely. Obviously their phones are not aimed at people like me who know they can get better speced phones in china for less but even for the market they are attempting to hit (low end-low mid range) they don't strike me as even that good value. They also havnt released a new phone since 2016. Instead of annoying ad gimmicks they should cut down their confused product line and focus on software refinement, especially providing a good camera experience and trying to distinguish themselves from other vendors in the market with clever design choices.
  2. Seems OK but I have been stung by xiaomi before, my mi4i is a terrible device. I think MIUI V8 is an improvement over V7 though and on good hardware like my mi note the update seems better, but....I still think MIUI has become terribly bloated and convoluted. I still get all misty eyed thinking about MIUI V4 on my Xiaomi m1 when it was still a community rom, loved that phone. I like to keep an eye on the low enders though and recently sold my old meizu m2 and ordered a Meizu M3S to replace. Tbh i just find the user experience so much better and stable on meizu phones nowadays. Flyme is just so much cleaner and runs better than miui on less ram. Its also less convoluted and love the one button nav and their hardware style is more consistent and good looking than xiaomis. The m3s also pretty much matches the redmi 3 pro on everything apart from maybe battery and no IR blaster. I paid £93 shipped from hongkong skyway for the 2GB ram version though and will run as well as the 3GB ram Xioami.
  3. Not entirely sure why anyone would possibly consider this over the Oneplus 3, so far i'm seeing 0 reasons to spend £40 more on a what appears to be an all round worse device.
  4. hmm that's odd most other companies do not face such an issue with their screen electronics, all I know is It looks appalling. To be honest I feel the whole look is mediocre at best from a design perspective. Pretty chunky, wasted space, weird chamfer etc. When it comes to building hardware I think HTC has been eclipsed by the likes of oppo, vivo, meizu, xiaomi, huwaei although it is nice to see HTC bouncing back a bit with a decent spec and cameras, overpriced though.
  5. 'The new HTC 10 with unique misaligned home button and additional acre of space above, designed exclusively in collaboration with Stevie Wonder'
  6. Yeah got DPI scaler on Cyanogen on my one plus. Probably the only good thing about the garbage that is Cyanogen.
  7. If only it had Remix OS and some proper storage it may even be worth the extortionate price tag.
  8. So sad to see HTC reduced to this. Its obvious from this that they have serious management problems. Whoever green lighted this is completely out of touch. They took away all the subtle design cues (the back curve, the camera sensor shape, the antenna band shapes, the front speakers, the side curves etc etc) of the M7/M8/M9 design and replaced them with a straight iPhone clone design. You don't have to be a designer like me, anyone can see this is not an evolution of their design language it is a lazy clone of the iPhone. Really sad to see a company of HTC's calibre so brazenly plagiarise a design rather than actually build on your own solid design foundation. Why did they feel they needed to do this? All the biggest tech sites in the world talking about the fact this looks exactly like an iphone clone, instead of its new features, unique design or innovative function. How is being seen as unoriginal good for publicity when we all know this phone will not stack up to the iphone both in public perception or in real world performance? Then they add a whole load of bezel on the front above the fingerprint sensor for the logo. That is what is known as wasteful sloppy design. I would really like to see HTC return to focussing on product design and acting like the pioneer and innovator it once was rather than acting like a desperate underdog which lacks the design talent or ideas to produce interesting and innovative products any more.
  9. Thanks for the review paul....so different from my experience though the only things I agree with you on is the camera and battery. Have you been using yours as a daily driver Paul? So many of the animations on mine are horrendously laggy, especially the card multitasking interface and the multitouch is just awful, especially in gallery and performance on the whole is just generally shambolic, you can just feel the bloat and lag in the UI in everything you do, stutters regularly. Ram use is also stupidly high etc. Also gets warm under non intensive tasks, bit of wifi use and it's pretty hot. MIUI settings menu is also amazingly confusing as well. I bought mine from the official Singapore mi store as well so it is running official firmware. As I say my Meizu M2 mini feels much snappier, never heats up and everything is smooth.
  10. @nortools needs to get an Meizu MX5. I got a meizu m1 mini, it's incredible for the price....
  11. Yeah i'm still not convinced. Used to be a xiaomi fan but been sucked in my Xiaomi's low pricing too many times and then you realise MIUI is just not up to par, although I like xiaomi hardware. MIUI V6 and I presume 7 is basically the new touch wiz in my eyes, horribly bloated with high ram use, jerky animations, slow response to touch. My Mi4i has to be one of the worst phones i've owned. Overheating when doing small tasks, jerky, laggy, FC's, high ram use the works. My £94 Meizu M2 mini absolutely blows it out the water in real world use. In fact i think Flyme is a much more well thought out, better optimized, minimalist clean UI skin. Xiaomi introduce weekly firmware updates that do very little to address actual performance issues, some bugs linger for months and months at a time or dont get solved at all, also MIUI sees significant performance decreases over time too, horribly convoluted settings menus as well. Scroll around and use multi touch on miui for a while then compare it to any close to stock build and the decreased response times and reactivity of the interface becomes horribly apparent. CM12 on my Oneplus is in a completely different league to MIUI. Also the chance of receiving an update to a newer version of android when it is released is almost non existent on xiaomi phones.
  12. Is MUI V7 still as laggy and as bloated as MIUI V6 was? Is using Multitouch in the gallery and elsewhere still a painful experience?
  13. Thing i love about cyanogen is how they went from a stalwart in the community genuinely caring about the android experience and trying to improve on googles AOSP roms etc to a smack talking bunch of corporate skum bags trying to wrestle Android away from the very people they owe their whole existence to and continue to owe all their updates and continued prosperity too. The irony is that they are basically irrelevant now. I don't even know why companies are paying them for software, when they could just install AOSP and be done with it, cyanogen is not that much better in reality. Also Cyanogen clearly lack the expertise of big manufacturers to produce properly optimised and impressive camera software, i'm not that impressed at all by the one plus camera considering what other companies have done with the Sony IMX214 sensor. Not to mention the fact that all big manufacturers roms have theme engines now, are highly customisable etc etc. Just don't see the point of their existence any more. Maybe they might be of use to some chinese oems that lack the experience in their own rom teams but cyanogen have no original software of their own, they've done essentially nothing but add some customisation options to android and now have aspirations to offer a cut down sub par android experience without google. Very bizarre strategy IMHO.
  14. Struggling to find any reason as to why you would buy this over the oneplus, the Kirin 925 is long in the tooth now too.
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