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  1. At least two people (me and http://android.modaco.com/index.php?act=fi...mp;pid=1620382) have had SD card issues since upgrading to Paul's GRI54 gingerbread ROM. Now, this looks like a hardware issue to me and upgrading could just be a coincidence but I thought it wise to see if anyone else has been seeing something similar. My experience in bullet form: no sd card issues before upgrade upgraded to Paul's custom based on GRI54 started to see sd issues (failed writes, corrupt FAT tables, corrupt partition table) sd card completely failed, wouldn't work in any reader bought new card new card only detectable by Nexus One 50% of the time even if detected, card will stop responding after random amount of time (minutes or hours later)
  2. I have had a similar experience. Since upgrading to this ROM, my original SD card became unstable (writes wouldn't stick, FAT corruption, etc) and then completely stopped working. I then bought a new card and there is a 50/50 chance that the phone will see the card on boot and if it does see it, it goes away. My original thought was that upgrading to the new ROM was a coincidence as it smells more like a hardware issue. However, as you have seen something similar, I am wondering if there could be a software issue at play. I will start a new thread to see if others have seen this behaviour.
  3. Paul, I love this ROM and became a paying member because of the kitchen. Well done! However, I do have one small request. Would it be possible for you to add the SIM toolkit (Stk.apk) to the kitchen for the next release? I am a frequent traveller and have over 10 SIM cards and some of them are easier to use if you have access to the SIM menus. thanks!
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