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  1. One of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-1500mA-1-5A-Mains-AC-DC-Switching-Adaptor-Power-Supply-Charger-Micro-B-USB-/141033109839?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Other&hash=item20d63a794f Eek, why would they ever make one of these? Asking for trouble... spotted that when I was looking for a new charger a while back.
  2. Yeah I have had three successful unlock codes from smgreen1969 :) Very happy with the service, quick turnaround. They were all 16GB Tesco Moto Gs one bought about a month ago, one about three weeks ago and one about a week and a half ago, two from a store near me on click and collect and one from a Tesco phone shop a few miles away so seems a bit pot luck. Bill
  3. You get asked whether or not to enable them in the setup wizard when you power on for the first time/after factory reset.
  4. Well, it's time to go. I've got myself a MOTO G from Tesco for almost the same money I spent on my Skate two years ago, and boy is it an upgrade. I really recommend it to anyone considering it. Just want to say a final thanks to all the devs like tilal, tillaz in the early days, C3C0, H3ROS and the rest for making the Skate far better than it ever would have been otherwise. It's been great. Thanks to all. Bill
  5. I posted this over on XDA but thought some here might find it useful. When I first got the Moto G I wasn't impressed by the audio quality at all, so I went fishing in the menus and found this: If you go into Settings->Sound->Audio effects then you will find a menu with all sorts of EQ settings for both the built in speaker and wired headphones. By default it is set on the '3D stereo' profile for some reason and it sounds terrible. I switched it to 'Custom' and set Surround and Equalizer to off. Equalizer set to Balanced also sounds good depending on the music. Hope this helps someone, Bill
  6. Oh god :( Everyone else's fine too? Bill
  7. Got my MOTO G from Tesco today and I'm well chuffed so far, great success. Only issue is I get some backlight bleeding along the top and right sides when on a black screen. Anyone else got this or shall I get in touch with them tomorrow? Bill
  8. What's the difference? Can't see any Tesco branding here other than on the System Version on the about screen.
  9. No problem! :) Worth noting that while 500mA is sufficient, the device will charge very slowly. It will charge faster if the charger can supply more current - 1.5A is the most the Moto G will draw according to Motorola, so something around 1-1.5A is optimal, any higher is unnecessary. Bill
  10. That's fine. The current rating on power supplies is simply the maximum it can possibly supply, it's the voltage that's important as long as the current is over 500mA. The phone will only draw as much current as it needs at 5V - the voltage USB operates at. Basically, it needs to say 5V and anything more than 500mA. Hope that helps, Bill
  11. Do we know what the implications of unlocking the bootloader are on the warranty yet? The blurb from Motorola about it still standing only seems to apply to developer editions, but there isn't one of the Moto G. Bill
  12. Yes there is. Have a look through the settings as I had the same exact thought as you, that it was wasting more power telling me there was little left so I finally went and looked for an option, it should be in there somewhere you'll just have to look. Failing that the option may have been added in 4.3 which I think I'm on at the moment :) Will
  13. Been listening to this one album for ages, instant chill ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDEpzfdMvXo Bill
  14. I've had this too, I tried playing a video through the browser. Seemed to squeeze the video over where the controls should have been as well as being warped above? Otherwise, no other problems to report from me! Cheers Lalit! :D Bill
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