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  1. Sent mine back within 7 days of reciept. Phoned returns dept but they said will send jiffy bag to return and no repair or replace, need to order again. So asked to be put through to cust service, key'd in mobi number. They wanted to put me back to returns for it but I said I wanted it replaced or repaired so he arranged it there and then. Said I could get a new replacement as it was only few days old. Got handset next day and they took the old one without its box. Think its different procedure if you have had it for more than 7 days.
  2. Thanks for that. Its probably explains most of the issue. As this set is better than the 1st it looks like it will stay then.
  3. Ok got replacement SF. Speakerphone call quality is just slightly better than the 1st set, but still not good. Whilst testing, if u slide ur finger on the back cover this causes noise to go through to the caller on the other end, even when speakerhpone is off. Really don't know what to do. Could try another replacement. As only a handful of others have responded saying they have had call quality issues I'm still thinking this is not normal with all SF's. Maybe if I get one of the covers that fits the back/sides completely it may help or could cause the problem to become greater..... So problem is mainly when held in hand, more with speakerphone active and phone being moved rather than still. And when the speaker on the right is covered with speakerphone on its even worse. Let me know if urs has similar issues or even if it is really clear in both modes, so I can decide on whether to have it replaced,,,, again :)
  4. :) ;) Finally managed to remove SuperUser with help of tmobilepulse and others... :( Installed Universal Androot app from marketplace. Select it to Root the SF, once completed successfully then selected Undo root, once that completed Superuser was gone. Did a factory reset to remove the apps i'd installed as its going back to Orange for replacement tomorrow. As of now two other registered forum members have also used this to successfully remove the Superuser icon. See http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...move-superuser/
  5. thanks for the step by step. Don't think I clicked on Do not install Superuser, but it worked all the same..
  6. Ok, managed to install Supermanager and browse to \system\apps. Only had option of deleting the apk which i did but it still visible. The apk is no longer in the folder though. Not 100% sure about rooting and unrooting. Also as the apk is no longer there the other apps being recommended may not see it... :) Universal Androot as suggested by tmobilepulse has worked! Finally. thanks tmobilepulse and all other contributors. Installed Universal Androot, loaded app, selected Root.. successfully rooted then chose Undo root.. Superuser gone! Finally did a factory reset via settings/privacy and its back to Orange default... Thanks to all.. will update the stock ROM thread for others... Lets hope the replacement has no issues...
  7. Trying but cannot download anything from the market at moment. Maybe an issue with their servers. Will try again otherwise will have to setup the APN for my 02 sim to connect via 3g... thanks
  8. clivec thanks for your help. Not attempted root explorer as the phone is going back to orange tomorrow. Tried titanium backup but Superuser is not listed on the middle apps tab. Attempted to stop the app, clear cache, restart the phone but still it does not appear in the list.
  9. Did all three fastboot commands and factory reset (as per your instruction) but Superuser is still there. Done factory reset a second time and its.... still there. Wonder if I could run the fastboot commands again? Asked the question about the main issue here... http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...move-superuser/
  10. Thanks for the replies. Tried the Android System Info but it comes back with uninstall unsucessful. You get the option for it but doesn't seem to work. Made sure it was not running but still the same. Don't really know adb or root explorer and what was meant by mount r/w? Is root explorer a App for the phone or is it something you install on the PC and connect the phone to it?
  11. Flashed and re-prom'd back to stock build (from custom r2) using instructions from Pinn'd topic of Stock images, however it still has the Superuser listed in the applications. Cannot find an option to uninstall it. Think it gets installed via fastboot process. Orange are replacing the handset tomorrow (faulty speakerphone) so really need to know how to get rid of it? Can anyone help! thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Cheejy the above worked a treat. Phone now :) almost back to orange build, just got the SuperUser icon still there. How do we get rid of it?? Also note factory reset can be found in Settings then Privacy... Orange coming tomorrow to replace the handset as speakerphone seems faulty. Good job I never attempted to get rid of the orange logo from the back cover....
  13. linkoo, lilim_ac & Kuteguy. Ive tagged my comments of the speakerphone onto the following thread. Check it out to see what I got from limited testing. Hope others who have the issue will also respond. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...m-deal-breaker/
  14. Thanks for the feedback. ancientyne any update on your situation, have u tried not covering the bottom right speaker or removing the back cover and trying it? I'll wait till tomorrow for other responses and then decide whether to contact orange and have it replaced/exchanged. Just don't want to end up with another phone which has an issue that is not easy to live with such as wifi constantly dropping etc. And if it goes back then I will have to flash it back to original ROM. Maybe I could get them to refund me the £10 topup that has not yet appeared on the orange SIM.
  15. clonmult thanks for your feedback. Ou of interest was the SF held in your hand or docked. Ive not tried the audio jack yet. Done some further testing, here's what i've found. With the back cover removed or unclicked on the bottom (especially right hand side) humming clears considerably. When on speakerphone, if you place your hand, fingers over the bottom right side speaker then major interference. Looks like a faulty speaker maybe? Also looks like some special tape on the bottom of the phone when the cover is removed, maybe thats not be placed correctly. Please continue to post your own experiences and maybe try placing your hand on the side speaker bottom right to see if that alters anything. thanks.

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