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  1. i'm looking for a dutch lite rom as well. Because i've got a multilanguage rom at this moment. its set to dutch, but there a some problems. somethings have danishe text. mabey i'm goning to look for a tutorial on how to make one my self , but this wil be in februari.
  2. Tonight I'm going to use the new update and hopefully the b7610 will stil run as smooth as it did.
  3. I know, but my phone doesn't install the update(how ever when i manualy install the update it works) When installing android, i see the unpacking of the ext4.tar.gz so when i put files in the ext4 automaticly it's installed but i can't post something like that ?
  4. last night i made a automatic sd card installer with rev80. ( when it turns out the new update is okay, i'll post the B7610_automatic_sd_installer. with the update )
  5. Do we also need to install de update 1 from the http://o2droid.phj.hu/index_en.php site ? our is this only nessacery for the omnia I8000? and is it possible to put the frb update file and the ext2 file together ? (tar.gz files) because the update will not run on my phone. Thx. for all posts (Y) keep up the goodwork.
  6. hope to get andoid working on my B7610.

  7. hope to get andoid working on my B7610.

  8. the Megaupload link is dead could somebody post the dutch lite rom again ?
  9. I've also got a question, is there a version that i only boot on android? using the dual y gen at this moment, but stil it first needs to boot windows. and android is stil real buggy this way. the eternal sleep bug, than the phone needs to be restarted. so is there a version that run on the phone it self. and is there a fix for the eternal sleep?
  10. mabey try reinstalling because when i installed it, all was automatic. also used the windows installer.
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