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  1. Just to update... 1) Yes the files need to be installed to phone and not computer. 2) Still for people who don't want to do a new ROM, though if you are able to put a new ROM on that is a better solution now. I recommend the cyanogenmod one as its really great! Anyway the files from the first post are still downloadable and will be whilst Google Docs is still going! It still gets quite a few views this post so hope its useful to someone still! P.S. Maybe Im wrong but there needs to be a simple guide to installing a new ROM its as simple as... 1. Root phone. 2. Install ClockworkMod Recovery. 3. Put new ROM on SD Card. 4. Install new ROM using ClockworkMod Recovery instructions!
  2. I havnt used this but this is free and says it does it too.... it has good ratings on the market and quite a few donwloads so itll be legit... https://market.android.com/details?id=zsj.a...e=search_result
  3. I personally tried the ROM thing after I did this and I find it quite simple, but some people do not and will not ever want to do the root thing however easy it is.
  4. xeyaztian

    Buyers on UK networks

    3 have no physical branding. They put a some of apps on, My Three, Favourates, Monopoly, BB Revoloution 2, Tetris and TBoXX MyCity. The splash screen shortly is that of the 3 logo. Hope this helps...
  5. Its always a good idea to clear the cache. I personally use the app App2SD Free and that includes a chache clearer for rooted phones.
  6. xeyaztian


    I have the ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco and my partner has the Motorola Flipout. They are on there second one. Battery life is DREADFUL! The phones often has many problems with it. The Moto interface isnt for me at all. If you are a light user then you may like it, but defo not a heavy user! Just my opinion anyway, hope it helps.
  7. xeyaztian

    Royal Wedding

    I fully understand Scotland is part of the UK and that you are British and Scottish. I am also proud to be English and British and proud that the royal wedding took place in England.
  8. I got the white one from Amazon for £97 which included £10 top up, which I never used. So £23 increase is not too good. BUT C3P001 is right, its worth £123 even for a Chinese phone with no spart parts.
  9. xeyaztian

    Royal Wedding

    The flag of England is the St Georges Cross, adopted in the 16th century and 1801 the Union Flag was adopted as the UK's flag, however most people call it the Union Jack. And the royal wedding took place in England and the UK not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. So tbh ethier the St Georges Cross flag or the Union Flag would be acceptable for the Royal Wedding. However you could include common wealth flags as well. And the Union Flag is a combination of all of the UK, so it is also the flag of England, Scotland, Wales (Though it does not include any Welsh flag elements) and Northern Ireland. So in short yes the Union FLAG is the flag of England. (Plus others!)
  10. My first advice was to set screen timeout to 30 minutes, on mine thats the max using same ROM. My Wifi isnt dodgy however but I did wipe and clear chache before installing, I dont know if you did? I looked up 'prevent sleep' on android market and couldnt find anything to fit description. The Flashlight app https://market.android.com/details?id=com.a...e=search_result which came with the ROM will prevent it from sleeping, however it will kill your battery life as well. Sorry I cant offer any more advice. But Im sure someone will know a way to do longer than 30 minutes or without draining battery too much.
  11. xeyaztian

    Royal Wedding

    That joke is great!
  12. xeyaztian

    Royal Wedding

    Let people talk about what they want to talk about, if you dont like it, dont read it!!!
  13. xeyaztian

    Royal Wedding

    I agree I think the Blade was used in some way...
  14. The best ROM, in my opinion, currently is Swedish Spring. Very stable and it supports all ZTE Blades out there. (Ive had it on an older Black ZTE Blade and a new White ZTE Blade) When installing make sure to wipe and clear cache before installing. Then if texts dont work... Phone Orange and ask them to set up your texts again, It ihnk thats when you get a phone and it asks you to turn on and off your phone. If this does not work... then you could try as others have said using a different messaging app. Dont restore using Titanium, just start a fresh as well. I think all this information has been given to you already, if none of this works, I personally don't know why, it sounds more network related though than phone. My partners Orange phone fails alot and they have never touched roms or changed settings on the phone. So try wiping and clearing cahce before installing, and not backing up, thats my advice anyway...

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