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  1. Hi.. i've recently bought a Samsung Nexus S online, which i believe to be a recond set.. attached along with this post is a photo of the bootloader screen.. my question is, what does it mean by carrier info : STK? the sticker at the battery bay says GT-i9020, but a search of the IMEI shows that it actually is a GT-M200, a south korean set instead. so what firmware should i flash? this is because the phone does not recognize my SIM card at all, and i have tried flashing both SOJU and SOJUK factory firmware images, especially the radio part, but still i'm unable to get the phone to recognize my SIM card.. help please..?
  2. not sure if this is what you're looking for, but try searching for "notification toggle" at Play Store..
  3. mine has the exact same thing! was minimal after the drop, but has become more prominent after 2 weeks.. T.T check this link out http://www.zandparts.com/acer/index.php?cPath=139443_171803_222598_222614_222628 zandparts sells the TFT panel for 63+ Euros excluding VAT.. not sure whether it's original or not, but that's the only site i found that sells it.. that price excluding VAT & shipping is already more than a quarter of what i paid for the phone.. sigh..
  4. vkashin

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    ok downloading. However this one is the AOSP rom? since the file size is the same as the one i downloaded, the one with Breeze UI
  5. vkashin

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    thanks for the quick reply, but I still have a problem accessing the link.. It says document not available..
  6. vkashin

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    hi. does anyone have alternative and working link for t&l AOSP ROM? all the links in the first post are down =(
  7. vkashin

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    i have noticed some peculiarity with the phone.. is there a limit to how many photos supported in Gallery? apparently my gallery is stuck at 475 pics, and any new photos taken won't be updated in Gallery.. is there a way to fix this? i tried to use the search topic function but can't find anything.. thanks
  8. vkashin

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    quick question : what's the resolution of the wallpaper that can be used without it being stretched? seems like the old 480 x 800 wallpapers are stretched
  9. vkashin

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    Hi Just installed this ROM, and it's awesome.. however i'd like to know is it possible to revert back to GEN2 while on t&l metal? thanks!
  10. vkashin

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    I have a question about flashing this rom.. I'm tempted to flash but I'm wondering if it'll replace my 4.000.13_AAP_GEN2 with a GEN1 ROM instead? because i need Chinese word display as well as keyboard for my phone..
  11. vkashin

    Link2SD help needed!

    yup i was using the latest version of SU from market. Turns out all it needed was for the application cache for SuperUser to be cleared under Settings>Applications>Manage applications
  12. vkashin

    Link2SD help needed!

    Hi guys Need help on Link2SD I've been using my liquid metal for several months and it was awesome.. even without rooting Last night there was a notification for update to gingerbread, and i went ahead with the update.. After the update my internal storage area became less than 20mb I've gone ahead and rooted + created partition as given in http://168.site90.ne...quid-metal-s120 However when i try to create link for apps like Go SMS Pro i get the following message "Failure Link2SD could not gain root access If you have root access make sure you respond 'allow' to Superuser promt" However i have already allowed Link2SD for root access Sorry this is my first time rooting and using Link2SD, and i couldn't find a work-about for it.. please help! Thanks! P/S : i'd appreciate any tips on how to increase/free up more internal storage space too. I dont use Social Jogger nor Docs To Go or urFooz. Is there a rom for android 2.3.6 based on GEN2 that's suitable for me (e.g bigger free internal storage space for my apps)
  13. vkashin

    Frequent Hang

    Hi guys, i just received my new Acer Liquid Metal S120 today, initially it was very awesome, however after a few hours i've realized that my phone hangs too often.. Is it a known problem or i may have a faulty set? The default firmware is 2.2.2, build number Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.19_AAP_GEN2 Hope to get an advice soon
  14. Hi OCK. First of all thank you so much for your wonderful ROMs! I was using the OCK Eclipse 23118 before flashing over to 29005 Premium. I have a question about the sms composer in the latest ROM : is it possible to include a category of my contacts at the "To" field like how i could do it in Eclipse? It's kind of important feature since i need to constantly text a group of people.. thanks!

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