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  1. I'm on Tesco 4.4. I can change the voicemail number in the phone app:
  2. I think Motorola removed this functionality on our version of 4.4. You can use an app (name's somewhere in this forum), and it will work.
  3. Google translate seems to think this is a Nexus-style update. 'New phone application' and 'Hangouts supports SMS/MMS'
  4. Normally they roll out updates in stages, in case there are problems.
  5. Only done this on the G300, but don't you just enter recovery, select flash update from zip file or whatever, and pick the zip on your SD card?
  6. You have to be on the Tesco ROM to get the update at the moment.
  7. Just installed Nova to check, and you do get the transparent buttons.
  8. Can't it fail just because of root? Having Superuser in the system apps folder?
  9. Someone says /cache? EDIT: Got the update myself now too. I'm going to leave the notification open for a bit - anyone want to give instructions? I've started downloading, along with seemingly a lot of others? 200MB download estimated 321 minutes
  10. In an O2 store reedo? You might have to wait a bit for them to add the IMEI.
  11. Ah, didn't realise this was only for O2. Seems I'll stick with the black cover.
  12. There's only one way to find out... I feel like these would be better if they were part of a case for the phone, which you could leave attached without worrying about it breaking off?
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