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  1. Carbonize

    What is up with the Samsung Galaxy S5 performance?

    When I clicked through from Paul's tweet I was expecting more than just a post saying the S5 is laggy. A quick read of any S5 will tell you that. I was expecting atleast some insight as to why and maybe some remedies.
  2. Carbonize

    Facebook Home download (including patched APK version)

    Works on my SGSIII but messenger doesn't work if you set it to work as SMS/MMS messenger. Can't say I think that much of Facebook Home and don't think it's that revolutionary. Reminds me a lot of how Windows Phone displayed updates on the tile.
  3. Carbonize

    Samsung starts Galaxy S III Jelly Bean rollout

    I'm currently running Wanamlite which is based on Dl8. Does the final release fix the transparency issue in Apex and Nova launchers mainly seen when transitioning between home screens?
  4. Carbonize

    Grab a free cradle / charger and £25 with confused.com

    Having read the reviews about the app I think I'll give it a miss :|
  5. Gsmarena.com will let you view specs side by side.
  6. Carbonize

    Replacement for ZTE Blade/Orange SanFrancisco?

    Can get Huawei Ascend G300 from Vodafone for £100. Carphone Warehouse currently has Nokia Lumia 720(?) for £100.
  7. Carbonize

    MoDaCo Recommends... Best Android Anti-Virus app

    I use Avast for the anti virus but for anti theft SMS only control is a relic of the past. For my anti theft I used Android Lost which is seriously powerful with a plethora of controls and lets you control it via both SMS and it's web site. I am quite surprised it's not been purchased by one of the big players yet.
  8. Trust me Orange are a right pain in the arse which is why as soon as my contract ended I told them where to shove it and went to giffgaff.
  9. Shame Voodoo Sound doesn't work with the Blade. Anyway how does this compare to something like Volume+ ?
  10. Carbonize

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    Either the CM or Miui lockscreen would be a great addition to be honest.
  11. Carbonize

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    The 2X isn't that common a phone so only a few users. I would test this but last time I tried anything remotely vanilla based I missed a lot of the stuff I get from Miui and CyanogenMod.
  12. Carbonize

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    Got an ETA yet? Hopefully you will have this out before LG releases ICS for the 2X ;)
  13. Carbonize

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    What ROM is this based on?
  14. @unfnknblvbl That's why we have people like Paul making custom mods. LG has always made good hardware but the software side and after release support has always been a major let down.
  15. Carbonize

    Philips Android-specific headphones

    If my past experience with Philips earphones is anything to go by I think I'll pass thanks.

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