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  1. I tried to root my 2.2.2 Desire using unrevoked, only to get the 'your software is too new' (I thought it was only 2.3 that couldn't use this). Before I use the Revolutionary method is there any housekeeping I should perform due to the failed root attempt? I uninstalled zysploit which I believe unrevoked created. Is it preferable I do a factory reset (this is no big deal as the phone was recently reset anyway)? Many thanks.
  2. You sure it is dye transfer and not wear? I'm using a black pouch that appears soft inside but I am getting wear on the edges of the phone. They also have a red-purple tinge. Wish I'd used a sock now.
  3. Yep, I've always used a pouch/case and never placed on a hard surface - but still have wear.
  4. I really like the rubberised feel of the plastic but I'm wondering if that is the cause of the (apparent) accelerated wear? Anyway, at least I won't feel so precious about keeping it in mint condition now.
  5. I think a sock is the answer. I'm careful with my gadgets but having used a leather case the back cover is showing signs of wear. I originally thought it was staining from a black jelly case I was using (there are purple hued patches) but white spirit didn't shift it.
  6. I've noticed my Flickr photos appear to be a lower-res version. Could this be the Flickr mobile site at work?
  7. Any chance the kitchen could give you a loading image option (Modaco or Green Android)?
  8. Another big thank you to Steven for writing the guide (and, of course, to Paul for the whole modding work). I've gone as far as step 2. Now just deciding which ROM to install.
  9. Was also wondering this. Don't need the option but curious how you activate the setting (if even possible).
  10. Having browsed to your provided drivers my Win7 (64 bit) Device Manager has two entries under 'Android Phone': Android ADB Interface and Android Composite ADB Interface. Is this the same as SingleAdbInterface and CompositeAdbInterface or have I done something wrong? Thanks.
  11. LOL! I've just asked the very same question. When creating a message press and hold in the 'Type to compose' box. This will bring up an 'Input method' option where you can switch between the Android and TouchPal keyboards. (thanks to balb0wa) In the TouchPal settings (in Language & keyboard) you can enable switching between the 3 different layouts by horizontally swiping when the keyboard is displayed.
  12. What an unintuitive way of setting. Thank you very much - this has been bugging me for days!
  13. Can't see how to do this anywhere on the phone and no mention in the manual. Any ideas? (I am using Launcher Pro as my home screen if that has a bearing) Cheers.
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