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  1. So when you're finished sampling Ubuntu you just reflash CWM and reload your Android back-up?
  2. On B926 here. I avoided all the various restart problems that people have experienced across the various ROMs, so I stuck with it. Running B960 Stock+ atm.
  3. It's a valid Mega link. Works best on Chrome. Is TV Catch-up working on this ROM?
  4. Yeah you can mount your SD card in Clockwork Recovery by selecting 'Mounts and Storage- > Mount SD Card. This will let you copy a CM ROM from your PC to your SD Card. You can then flash it from Clockwork Recovery.
  5. That's the standard res for virtually all budget 7" tablets, and is more than usable. You seem surprisingly keen to knock this budget tablet, given that you are in a forum for a budget phone.
  6. Try something based on B952. The vanilla B952 is great http://www.modaco.co...ne-release-rom/ , but the custom versions will have a few more tweaks and bug fixes. Tillaz's Infusion rom is probably the pick of the bunch
  7. I would recommend a clean install since you're upgrading Jelly Bean, and not just going from an R1 to an R2. Most problems occurring after an OTA upgrade are not evident after a fresh install.
  8. Try renaming it update.zip and ensure it is in the root of the external SD card. If that doesn't work then re-download the file.
  9. Wi-Fi tethering does not work, and the camera is still very laggy.
  10. Did you recalibrate the battery? I found that it made more difference on this rom than with any other.
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