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  1. Just in case someone is searching, root is now available, for full details see this XDA thread: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2250124
  2. mobile579

    Asus Fonepad Review

    Had my Fonepad for a week and it has been great. I hope someone manages to find out how to root as that is the main thing I miss from my old phone. There is also no notification light so you need to switch on the screen to see if you have missed any SMS/calls/emails arriving. Does anyone know where you can configure the number of home screens Modaco mentions in his review as I have not been able to find that option? Thanks
  3. Can anyone find "settings - call settings - additional settings - my phone new number? Or if not available in this build what ROM has it old or new? Thanks
  4. Does this CM10.1 let you set My Phone Number anywhere? About - Phone shows my wrong phone number but when I phone someone my caller id is correct. problem occurred after sim swap. It is like the phone number is on the sim instead of using the phone number that the network has assigned me.
  5. When I have pie controls on with activation set to bottom it keeps setting to the activation to right. You do not need to reboot for this to happen at some point it just gets set to right even though it does originally activate at the bottom after initially setting it to bottom. Any one else with same issue?
  6. Is anyone having issues with really big navigation bar/buttons? I also have the lock pattern over the bottom third of the clock on the lock screen. Seems much faster though.
  7. Does anyone know if FF can auto flow text to width of screen? If FF can't any alternatives? Thanks
  8. Does anyone know what io scheduler should be used I have changed it and can't remember what it should be set as? Tia
  9. I am having trouble charging. It charges for 2 secs then stops. If I reboot and not touch phone it will charge. Once use phone it will not charge apart from a 2 sec burst. Anyone have any ideas it did not happen on previous release.
  10. I have the similar problem - the whole screen is squished into the area where soft buttons would be. Unlock pattern, sim lock and soft buttons at bottom of screen.
  11. Why scrolling cache off? Where is this option? Thanks.
  12. Seems to be working fine for me. No MUIU battery bar though :(
  13. Great I hope it makes it into the next build. Apart from miui missing not had any problems yet. Seems to be great build.
  14. Really like the new font. Has miui battery bar been removed? TIA 793b3e26993a5ca3c2fcad125bc8c46d update-cm-7.2.0-RC1-blade-KANG-sej20120319-signed.zip

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