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  1. I don't know if it has mentoined but I noticed an other bug. In the facebook app when I tap the camera button and I want to use my camera to share a picture it Force Closes. And a question. What should I delete and where, to disable the camera shutter sound?
  2. It's done. There was a little mess up in the file names. It seems to work fine,and it doesn't need to delete all user data. Thanks a lot!
  3. I get this: rm failed for /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db, No such file or directory I've never used adb,what did i do wrong? (I've installed it.) C:\>adb devices List of devices attached blade device
  4. Called ID,and no option in the Calendar to set "week starts on Monday"... This ROM is the best so far. Thx again!
  5. Only one thing bothers me, when someone is calling me,or i call someone the displays the phone number only and not the contact name. whay is that? After the call if i go to call log i see the number for a sec and the phone refreshes it and see the contact's name.
  6. Could anyone give me a mirror to the Gingerbread for the r6? Anything that i download from the forum gives me wrong MD5... I have no clue why is that. It's an awesome ROM btw,thank FLB!!!
  7. Would you give us a hint when you gonne relase the r6? This week or the next one? Take your time I don't wanna hurry you. I love your ROMs, keep up the good work, the community loves you :unsure:
  8. How should i set my account-contacts setting properly? I see my contacts only when the Locale Contacts options is ticked,and a little phone logo is next to the contact name. If I want to add a new contact I have to choose where do I want to save it (google account,phone,SIM)...If I choose my google acc,it's gonna be in my Other Contacts list(and I don't see it on the phone),and I have to add it to My Contatcs on my PC too see it. On 2.1 I had the little droid head with my contacts,and the sync was good. It's killing me.... pls help me.
  9. How should i set my account-contacts setting properly? If I install a new ROM i always see the local contacts with the little phone logo,and i'd like the android logo,that means i see my google contatcs directly and i can sync it normally. Now if i add a new contact i have to choose where do i want to save it (google account,local,SIM)... It's killing me.
  10. OK it works. But only the file i've downloaded from the mirror worked (matched MD5),the other one didn't. Thanks again!
  11. I wiped and when I start to install it,it says after installing update: E: Can't copy META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary Installation aborted. What's the prob?
  12. Is it still use the old `screen freeze` kernel? If it is,I wait a couple of days for the new one. Thanks the great work flibblesan, your ROM is the best so far.
  13. One thing that bothers me is the sleep/wake button is unresponsive sometimes... I have to push it 3-4 times but sometimes it works fine. (Thats not a hardware prob because with 2.2 it was perfect)
  14. If i use HTC IME v27 and I type something then I rotate the device the text is gone... Why is that? Is there any way to fix it? EDIT: Ohh,it comes up just in the Facebook app.
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