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    [ROM] ZTE Blade Stock ROMs

    mediafire links here still seem to be live http://editandroid.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/how-to-unroot-zte-blade.html
  2. I would go with the v10f of those, 160mb for system is just a bit tight, and no need to waste space with a large cache partition. I'm using a custom TPT where system is using 160mb of the 190mb available
  3. Looks good but comes out upside down on my OLED SF.
  4. if you can get into recovery then try to restore ur nandroid backup, failing that maybe u could try to flash moldovan MHMP as it will work on a gen1 phone and let u get it working again.
  5. Seem to remember that on the early chinese leaks, there were some files trying to phone home that the devs killed, possibly thats what those were.
  6. Personally I've been wipeing cache and dalvik cache, and formating system, works fine for me, even when switching from tilal to Konsta-T roms. But any problems with fc or reboots, you need to be prepared to wipe data to try and sort it, good idea to have a nandroid backup available too.
  7. glad to hear it, 140mb system was always gonna be a major problem ;)
  8. download blade checker from the market to check system size. I use AFV (android file verifier) to check md5 numbers, sure there are other apps that do same thing.
  9. I found the data partition on the v10 stock TPT to be too restrictive set up a custom TPT with 190 system 20 cache and 256 data, had the 2 mismatched files but held my breath and flashed it anyway, works far better for me.
  10. maybe he has a life outside monitoring this topic for you :)
  11. blackbart

    [ROM] Blue Ginger V5

    Notification toggle does the same sort of thing, really only use it to toggle wifi myself
  12. blackbart

    [ROM] Blue Ginger V5

    notification toggle free from the market, is an acceptable alternative for me, for the moment
  13. going by ur previous posts i think ur already on gen2 so FLBr10b isnt an option unless u can tpt back to gen1, what was wrong with 11b lite(u can add missing apps from market)
  14. wi-fi became unstable after switching from N74 to N82 for me, on original OLED from sept, switched back and its ok again
  15. Blocked the install of this, when firewall asked for permission for a keylogger
  16. I got Silent Sleep (free app) installed on mine, think it should do what ur asking for.
  17. Bought mine on 1st Oct, never had any wi-fi strength problems, gps somtimes takes a while to hook up when indoors, but fine when outside. Battery life also much improved when using flibblesans last couple of ROMs, get a couple of days from mine, if I dont play angry birds too much.
  18. thanks for everyones help with that, had never used terminal emulator before, seems to have fixed the problem
  19. no problem m8, only just moved from alpha3 to FLB's new rom, just liked the look of the circle battery indicator, will test again when u've had time to check it more.
  20. "Elegant steel" put my phone into a ZTE logo reboot loop, had to reinstall the gingerbread theme from FLB's thread
  21. blackbart

    cant delete account on sf

    does it have clockwork mod on it?turn on holding volume down button, to find out. I would be tempted to reflash with pauls froyo rom (alpha 3), only thing u lose is FM radio
  22. blackbart

    cant delete account on sf

    If you go into settings, privacy, factory data reset it should remove the google account, probably worth going into the about phone section and letting us know what rom is on it too, it will affect some of the menus u have
  23. blackbart

    hotukdeals droid - ZTE blade

    can confirm didnt work for me on 2.1 but no problems on 2.2

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