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  1. Well, after finally getting my number ported earlier this week, I've been using the phone for a few days now. I've been busy at work so only very light usage so far and battery life holds up well when you're only using the phone for a few short calls, texts and checking e-mail. Battery was only down to 75% (25% usage) over the past 24 hours, for example, though I've not been away from wifi connections during this period. The phone feels exceedingly well-built, the touchscreen is accurate and my only real complaint so far is with the EMUI software. For some inexplicable reason, the notification centre doesn't allow you to enable any Google apps to show notifications on the lockscreen. As somebody who uses Gmail quite a lot, this is maddening as I need to slide down the notification shade to access them (and it also screws up the display of the messages there as well). So far, hardware good, software odd. I've really not had chance to get out and about to try out the camera as yet which is a bit daft as the camera was one of the reasons I went for the phone in the first place! Is the notification issue a 'feature' of EMUI? I wonder if there is any way to 'hack' things so you can add Google apps into the notification centre? If not, I certainly hope that Huawei release a software update soon to fix this issue.
  2. Well, I found the time to collect the phone today. Very slick packaging, excellent build quality and a lot thinner than my Coolpad F1. Other dimensions are very similar. I don't think it will be too unwieldy for me to handle but I will definitely need a case to improve the grip. Initial impressions are that the default brightness settings of the screen are a little dim so I've had to crank brightness up a bit but it looks sharp and viewing angles are decent. The default theme is just horrible (why would they choose such a dull design?) but there seems to be plenty of other themes to choose from. In general usage, the phone seems to have good performance - no lags I've noticed thus far though I haven't really tested it much as yet. A couple of quick snaps on the camera returns very good quality which is good because this was one of the most important things I was looking for. Unfortunately, the iD network signal (running on three) doesn't appear to be as strong around my home and work as giffgaff but it should be fine around here. Hopefully, there won't be too much of a problem when I'm away from home! One problem is that I need to keep using my Coolpad and giffgaff this week so I won't be able to port my number across to iD and start using the phone regularly until next week. Very pleasing initial impressions of the phone. Hopefully these will hold up when I start using it as my daily phone.
  3. The phone is currently in transit to my local CPW branch. I'm sure I got in there quick enough to make sure it was the 12 month deal (ordered last weekend, though it wasn't fully confirmed until earlier this week) and I've got the receipt to prove it! I'd expect it will be available for collection tomorrow which is a pity as I'm heading off first thing in the morning for a weekend away with friends so I'll have to wait until next week to pick it up! Can't say I'm overly excited about using the iD network (runs on 3's network, I understand), but it looks as though coverage around where I live is fine and I don't travel too much so it shouldn't be an issue. As I'm currently using a giffgaff £10.00 goodybag, I'll effectively be picking up the phone for around £110 total cost over the year, which isn't half bad! Comments on the device to follow some time next week.
  4. My plans to spend a few hundred quid on a phone from China have fallen by the wayside after I came across a great deal for a Huawei P8. Total cost including contract is £258 and, assuming I get cashback (which seems to be tracking), this will drop to just over £230 which includes a decent year's contract as well! (300 minutes, 5000 texts, 1GB 4G data). Ridiculously good deal. Barring catastrophic damage, this phone ought to be good enough to keep me away from Chinese phones for a year or two so I'll not be active in this thread. I'll probably look back in from time to time as a matter of interest, just to see what is going around!
  5. For those in the UK, CPW are running a ridiculously good-value deal for the P8: http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/phones/huawei-p8 £21.50 per month for just 12 months gets you the phone plus a reasonable contract with the iD network (running on Three). Much cheaper than buying the phone sim-free even with the contract. I've also got cashback of £26.25 tracking via TCB which could take the total cost down to just £231.75! Pretty much half price! I've got mine ordered but there are one or two caveats. Unfortunately, it would seem that the P8 spec for the UK doesn't have dual-sim support (although the CPW web site originally listed it as such!) and is just the 16GB version. These facts reportedly confirmed by the Huawei twitter account. All the reviews seemed to indicate that the black and white P8s were to be produced as 64GB devices so I can only assume that the UK-spec devices have been downgraded. I can't understand why they would remove dual-sim support, however. Hmmm. Wonder if it could be reinstated with a hack? :) Assuming the deal does through and is valid, I'll post my views on the phone when I receive it in the next week or so. I've seen conflicting reports that it will be delivered on either 11th or 19th June - if it does arrive this week I'll not be able to post until next week as I'm away for the weekend. My one concern is that CPW may have screwed up the listing and have somehow confused it with the P8lite. If this is the case, it will go straight back. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so hopefully it will prove to be as ridiculously good a deal as it first appears!
  6. Not personally. If I were you, I'd wait for a few full reviews of the P7000 before buying one. Here's a preview from Gizchina which indicates the phones has some good and some bad points. It will be interesting to see if any software updates before the final review brings any improvements: http://www.gizchina.com/2015/06/04/elephone-p7000-benchmarks-photos-and-impressions-after-a-few-days/
  7. As mentioned a while back, I'm becoming increasingly tempted by the Coolpad X7. I note that nobody seems to have purchased one on this forum (I've found a Russian and Spanish forum where people have reviewed the phone). The phone is available with either MT6595 or Snapdragon 801 (the one with the Mediatek chip is cheaper) and I've not quite decided for sure which one to go for as yet. I think the cheaper MT6595 is more likely to get an update to Lollipop so perhaps I'll go for that one. The best price I've found for the MT6595 version is on the 1949Deal website. Does anybody have any experience of using this company? Are they reliable enough, do you think? I would pay by Paypal so my money ought to be safe but I'd rather not be wondering if the phone is going to turn up!
  8. Personally, I almost bit and nearly ordered a Coolpad X7 last night. However, after searching around, it became impossible to find an English-language review of the phone. The Russian 4PDA site has a brief review in the forum which is mostly positive, but I've been reading through the (badly-translated) Coolpad forums and it seems there is a heat problem with the phone. Not too sure whether this is true for both versions of the phone (the MT6595 with 2GB memory and dual 4G and a Snapdragon 801 with 3GB memory and single active 4G), or if it is just an issue with a recent software update. I'd be tempted by the Snapdragon 801 version if there wasn't a heat issue though the other issue then would be whether an update to Android L will ever appear.
  9. Not personally. The Note is too big for me and I think the Nubia Z9 Mini is overpriced considering it is just a Snapdragon 615 device. All the recent Nubia phones have been higher-powered Snapdragons with Krait cores, not the weaker Cortex-A53 cores in the Z9 Mini. I just think it is a little too expensive for what it is.
  10. Hmmm. One or two of the various Chinese sellers seem to be indicating there is (or will soon be) a Coolpad X7 with Snapdragon 801 chipset (and therefore LTE support) as well as a camera with OIS support. It will be interesting to see if these rumours/adverts have any truth about them.
  11. I'm waiting for Optical Image Stabilisation to appear on the 'smaller' phones, hence the mention of the Lenovo Vibe Shot. As it stands, all the Chinaphones with OIS appear to be built into phones of 5.5"+ and I've decided these are just too large for me.
  12. I've decided the next phone I buy will be one with an excellent camera. Unfortunately, this may mean that I need to stop the Chinaphone purchases and go with a mainstream and therefore more expensive device. I see the Samsung S6 is currently top of the charts for camera quality, but the newly-announced LG G4 looks to be very well specified in that department as well. I can wait another 6 months or so before my next purchase, I think, so I'm hoping that we'll see better cameras coming from the Chinese companies in this time so I can save myself a few quid! I suppose the Lenovo Vibe Shot may be a possibility if the camera is good enough, though I admit I was hoping for a more powerful processor. Rather underwhelmed by the Snapdragon 615 which seems inferior to the cheaper Mediatek alternatives.
  13. The new Huawei P8 looks to be a very well-specified device. The camera in particular sounds interesting and it is pleasing to see that OIS is apparently possible in such a slender device. The phone is a bit flipping expensive, however! http://www.anandtech.com/show/9163/huawei-announces-new-ascend-p8
  14. Have you set your local NTP server using FasterGPS or a similar app? You'll need root access to use this app. Changing NTP server is one of the first things I do when installing a new ROM. I've not tried this ROM, however.
  15. The Lenovo Vibe Shot looks interesting: http://www.gsmarena.com/lenovo_mwc_2015-review-1222p2.php Not too big, reasonable enough mid-range specification but with a very camera-centric design. Will be interesting to see the reviews of this one when it is released. Not sure about the price, however! I see it is reportedly going to be $300+ which seems quite a lot for a Snapdragon 615 phone, unless the camera is really, really good.
  16. The Mi Note looks as though it will be a very nice device but it's certainly not cheap!
  17. Assuming the deal isn't dodgy ( :P !), that's certainly a very good price for a lot of phone. Ordering various smaller packets by ChinaPost, I've found that they tend to arrive a lot quicker than you might expect so hopefully SG Post will be the same. Let us know how you get on.
  18. I've said it before and I'll say it again - a phone with 5.5" screen is TOO BIG for me as it would be too large to comfortably fit in my trouser pocket! That's unless we get something like the Sharp Aquos Crystal X: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/01/hands-on-with-sharps-aquos-crystal-x-high-end-design-with-specs-to-match/ Smaller in height and width (though thicker) than my 5" Coolpad F1! I do wonder how usable the phone will be in loud places, however, as the screen itself acts as the earpiece and I understand that the flat-panel speaker technology isn't generally very loud. Certainly a very, very cool-looking device, however. More importantly, it shows what can be done to reduce the ever-increasing dimensions of phones. It would be nice to see some compact Chinaphones with similar dimensions to the LG G2 and G3 which are the most compact devices after the fancy Sharp phones. The Coolpad X7 looks to be a high-quality device, but I'm not overly keen on its 'blocky' design. I also think the bezels at the top and bottom are a bit larger than they really need to be. I'll probably treat myself to a new phone later in the year but think I will wait until the newer generation of 64-bit chips become available (MT6795, perhaps?) to see what new phones are produced there. A screen between 5" and 5.2" will probably be what I'm looking for once again. I'm also thinking of spending a bit more and I think a good-quality camera (with OIS if at all possible) will be on my shopping list.
  19. I also keep my phone in the pocket of my trousers. A 5" phone fits in my pocket OK but I'm not convinced a 5.5" phone would work! The one-handed operation modes for larger phones are a good idea, however.
  20. TOO BIG! ;) Just don't fancy a 5.5" phone myself as handling anything over the 5" Coolpad F1 I currently have one-handed will be a bit too much for my hands. The specs of the Coolpad X7 look pretty decent (though the 5.2" screen might be a bit big for me!), but I'm not overly convinced by the design. A bit 'blocky'. I'll probably keep my F1 for at least another 6 months so it will be interesting to see which phones are available in the summer.
  21. Kitkat should be less demanding than Jellybean. The core of Kitkat was deliberately reworked with the aim of making it more 'lightweight' so that it would run better on phones with just 512MB of RAM so it doesn't make sense that it should be slower on devices with higher specifications. If there is a difference in performance, the fault almost certainly lies with Mediatek/Coolpad for not putting enough work into the Kitkat code for the MT6592 chipset. It's one thing to release Kitkat ROM but another to then put the additional work in to improve the coding and efficiency. I'd imagine that most of their coding resources went into producing Kitkat and Lollipop, sorry 'Android L' for the new 64-bit chipsets currently finding their way into new phones. This is why it is such a pain in the neck that they never release the source code for phones/chips (despite being bound to do so by the GPL), as the development community would certainly be able to improve the coding and efficiency had they the access to this stuff.
  22. That should also work. I was thinking more about testing an already-installed ROM, but I suppose you could check the original ZIP if you still have it on your phone or computer.
  23. For what it's worth, I expect the stock-based ROMs from the development community will probably have had these dodgy 'Reaper' files removed already. It's very easy to check if they are there. You just need a root-enabled file browser (I use Root Browser personally) and you can then check out the /system/apps directories for the dodgy files. I suppose you could also check using adb shell if you are technically inclined or using a Terminal window (with root).
  24. I just skimmed through the PA report and it is very dodgy practice indeed. Putting a backdoor in the system is never a good idea, especially as it adds another vulnerability to hackers. I've already checked my (old) MIUI installation for the dodgy APK files in question and none appear to be installed on my phone. Not too surprising, as I'd expect the Chinese dev community removes this stuff when they produce their ROMs. Hopefully they get rid of all unnecessary clutter. Ultimately, it doesn't reflect well on Coolpad. I very much doubt they plan to do anything malicious with these backdoors, but their very existence is a problem which makes the phones less secure.
  25. LTE aside, you can't really say that the Snapdragon 410 is much like an upgrade to the MT6952. The Cortex-A53s should be a bit faster than the A7s in the MTK chip, but they are clocked lower so overall performance ought to be similar. Otherwise, I suppose hardware decode of h.265 might be of use some time in the future, but I don't expect that too much video content will move away from h.264 any time soon. All in all, rather disappointing for a so-called 'Plus' phone.
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