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  1. Hi guys, Is it possible to update this phone without having to flash the stock ROM and starting from scratch gain? My Su6 is rooted and running fine, I tried to un-root with SuperSU and restored the original recovery then attempted to do the OTA update but it failed :( Cheers
  2. I'm using a pair of "JVC Xtreme Xplosives In-Ear Headphones with Mic & Remote". They work perfectly with phone so far.
  3. My tempered glass protector arrived a couple of days ago (two actually, one for me and one for my girlfriend, one of them arrived cracked but the other was fine so I've ordered another). The fit isn't perfect but it's close enough and it feels nice and slick without the drag you get from the plastic film screen protectors :) I used the cracked one to test it's scratch resistance and I've got to say I'm impressed. I had to REALLY try to mark it so I'm confident it's more than good enough for every day use. Cheers
  4. It's showing as dispatched so I hope it will arrive soon, I'll post as soon as I've got it on and let you know what its like.
  5. The one I ordered comes bundled with a flip case for about £9.00 or something, no idea where from though.
  6. That looks like the one I'm waiting for although I ordered from Amazon
  7. I'm using these from Amazon "Cotechs® - 5 Pack Premium Screen Protectors For Vodafone Smart Ultra 6". They are a perfect fit and seem to be pretty good quality. I'm waiting for a Tempered Glass one to arrive but this one seems good enough to leave on until it starts to scuff.
  8. Ok guys, I've tried changing from the defaults (brightness 0 and max brightness 40) but nothing changes and on reboot the original values are restored :(
  9. Excellent, I'm in there now and the current value is "0" whats should it be? Cheers
  10. Thanks guys, thats good to hear. Its all a bit foreign to me at the moment but any pointers on how to have a go myself would be fantastic Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I'm happy with the phone so far, unlocked, rooted and trimmed back a bit but the blue control/notification buttons at the bottom are ridiculously dim. They were like this out of the box so it's not the unlock/root that's done it. I know they can be bright because when you plug the phone in to charge it's nice and bright for a few seconds. I'm comparing it to my girlfriends SU6 and they are world's appart. Is this just a variable in the hardware or is there anything I can do about it? Cheers.
  12. Hi guys, Just a quick question, (probably dumb) once TWRP is flashed is it possible to revert back to the standard recovery and how? BTW im one of the few who have the blank Chrome window after root but it's no deal breaker. Cheers
  13. I had forgotten all about the camera to be honest.. Just checked it and it's the same, It seems to take very good snaps at relatively close range i.e. portrait distance and like the examples in your post but its when I try any kind of landscape the subjects in the distance are very blurred, I've tried 3rd party cameras and all produce the same result. It's no big deal really I hardly ever use the camera and maybe I'm being over critical as my usual camera is a Sony SLT I wouls be interested in seeing some examples or big landscape shots from another G3 if you get the time just to compare. I should be getting a G3 Plus tomorrow or the day after that "claims" to have a 12MP camera, I'll try some direct comparisons with that and post the results if any one is interested.
  14. Just a quick update, I think the phone is fixed now. What I did was use SP Flash Tool to flash back to the stock ICS, then I rooted and installed TWRP and factory reset/wiped/formatted everything in sight! Then flashed the custom JB ROM I like and there you go.. happy days it's rock solid. Another bonus is that odd little pre-recovery menu has gone so I can get straight into TWRP. I'll update the thread if anything changes but I'm confident it's fixed. Now for the bad news.... I was so convinced I had a bad phone I ordered a G3 Plus and it should arrive tomorrow or the day after, oh well it looks like a decent little upgrade and I'll sell my G3N easily as it's obviously like new. :)
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