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  1. Thanks melrose82.... shame its on a different forum, but it looks like a good read ! :)
  2. ...well this is disappointing guys... 200 views and not a single reply ?
  3. Hi, Is there a simple method these days ? (last time I rooted, it was the original Blade !) Had the official update a while now, and on the whole I'm happy with the look etc... but im missing the power of a root. More and more software requires root.. so here we go ! Please can you suggest a ROM and "how to" ? Thanks Paul GT-I9100 4.1.2 I9100XXMS2 3.0.31-1211311
  4. All the junk providers add to "their" rom... Mainly operators own apps such as orange Wednesdays etc they all do it, and it all takes up memory and processor time that you can reclaim by un installing the apps, but without root, you cannot get at them.
  5. I doubt they'll get a fig... Unless the mic is software related, in which case you'll get a bill! Flash a standard rom just in case...
  6. So the Mrs has bought me a Sammy S2 for my birthday, and its a giant leap from my old Sanfrancisco ! But its loaded with junk I dont need... google + etc. I am totally happy with the phone as is, apart from the junk loaded by default... is there any way to remove this without a root ? If not, whats the easiest method to get it done ? Thanks Paul KERNEL 3.0.15-I19100XWLPT-CL941023 [email protected] #3 SMP PREEMPT...... BUILD NUMBER IMM76D.XWLPT
  7. Hey, youre right... thanks for the swift reply ! Took several reboots to get it to stay OFF though .... at least I know what it was now, thanks.
  8. Installed the new ROM a couple of days back... now Ive got a few Icons in the staus bar Ive never seen before ! (these have only just appeared after a reboot) Any idea what they are please ? and how do I remove them ?
  9. Would I gain anything by swapping from Cyanogen 7.1 (Stable) to Swedish Snow ? Having frustrating internet experience, and poor battery life :-( Using the standard browser (Yes- I have tried others !) a web page loads about 80% then sits for ages... this can be cured with a reboot, so maybe a memory hole ? Battery lasts around a day, with no phone calls and moderate web browsing... So, would I be "better" on another ROM ? Thanks for any advice... Paul
  10. DSPmanager gets me damn close.. Never heard my blade sound so good with music !
  11. ALL circuits that are switched "OFF" have a high resistance !!!!! Doing a bit of maths.... 3.7V divided by 16.7K Ohms gives us 0.0002215 Amps or 225.1 uA (microamps) perfectly acceptable standby current ! As the battery has a capacity of 1200mAh (1.2Ah) 1200 multiplied by 1000 gives us 1200000 uAh. 1200000 divided by 225 = 5333.3333 hours = 222 DAYS !!!!! Of course this is all mathematical - assuming zero losses and a perfect battery... but is proves that the resistance you are measuring amount to NOTHING !!!!!
  12. Whats wrong with this reading ? I suspect you are a little confused with the electronics theory !
  13. Ill try that - thanks... Using "Root explorer" I can see most in SYSTEM/APPS ... but is it safe to do it this way ? And where the hell is "PLACES" ???? Its something to do with navigation I think !
  14. On a seperate note... Is it possible to remove apps that are "built in" 7.1 stable ? Stuff like: "car home" "dev tools" "latitude" etc... if so how ?
  15. I tried RC1 yesterday, and it bricked my phone... so I simply ran a 7.1 backup from clockwork - I lost a few apps, but im now working again. So YES you just run it from clockwork.... easiest way is to do it via ROMmanager if you have that installed...
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