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  1. Hi Paul, Cant seem to access form to fill in in Chrome or IE? Chrome sys google drive not available? Is this just me? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Can anyone please confirm if this can be used to unlock a Vodaphone locked UK pay as you go handset? Thanks
  3. Hi Paul, Invite if you still have one please ! Thanks
  4. Hootsuite here use for both Twitter and Facebook ! Rinkrat
  5. Thanks guys now have the MMS and GPRS both working again, first Android phone and not used to the DIY bit yet ! Think as a newbie I am a bit out of my depth amongst you masters ! Hopefully I can learn a bit as I go along ! Not brave enough yet to root or custom ROM ! maybe later ! Thanks again 4 your advice Rinkrat
  6. Only a factory reset fixed the tones. Bit of a b*gger as now I can't get my MMS set up again even with 2 seperate APN's ! Anyone can post the giffgaff settings that work I would be most grateful ? Just hope my tones don't mess up again ! Still looking for a solution without the factory reset !
  7. Hi All, Followed the instructions to be able to use your own tones as ringtones and notifications. ie Media folder on SD with Ringtones and Notification Folders inside containing tones. Now I want to change my notification from a custom one I cannot. I have even deleted the custom one from the folder and the phone has reverted to a basic blip tone even though I have selected other notification tones. PS my phone is as purchased but unlocked. Not yet had the confidence to root or custom ROM. Please can anyone advise. Thanks
  8. Not sure if this will help. I am on giffgaff and set up the single APN as recommended for both GPRS and MMS and could not send or receive MMS although GPRS worked fine. I have now removed MMS settings from the active APN and set up the MMS settings as a seperate APN. Voila can send and receive MMS and the GPRS works too. Hope this may help those on O2 !! Regards Rinkrat
  9. I have the same issue with Giff Gaff. Got the GPRS working fine but cannot get MMS working ! Anyone got a San Fran working on GiffGaff MMS yet please? Thanks Rinkrat
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