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  1. i managed to set up the camera using the app on my hudl this evening. Slightly awkward with the Chinese voice prompts but managed it in the end. Once setup properly with the tablet I was able to use the app on multiple phones and the same xiaomi account instantly. Great camera, very good quality, great price
  2. I retried the setup this evening from my hudl tablet and got it all working. A bit awkward working with the Chinese voice prompts but it worked in the end. Once it was setup via the tablet I was then able to use the app on multiple phonesphones to view the camera feed using the same xiaomi account. Great picture quality
  3. i tried the app on my hudl tablet and had the QR code option but it didn't work either. The QR option doesn't appear when I use the app on my phone
  4. I'm unable to log into the app. I just get a spinning circle after permitting the camera access my mi account. Anyone else having similar issues?
  5. I searched the root filesystem before the update but could find no sign of the update.zip I'm not rooted so maybe the zip was hidden? I did think that after performing some of the steps in recovery that it reloaded something and ran another script Any chance recovery loads the zip from a separate partition that we can't see?
  6. I got the initial update to "prepare" for the lollipop update. Getting some artefacts on screen and no sign of the lollipop update itself yet
  7. Charging not fixed here on my tablet. Plugged in overnite and battery hasn't moved! Stuck at 40% while charging over 9/10 hours
  8. Charging not fixed here on my tablet. Plugged in overnite and battery hasn't moved! Stuck at 40% while charging over 9/10 hours
  9. I use MyPhoneExplorer (http://www.fjsoft.at) on my PC with its client (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fjsoft.myphoneexplorer.client) running on my Phone - can connect to phone via USB/BT/WiFi I can make calls/send txts/manage contacts/set reminders/ via the desktop app without ever having use the phone interface - but you can also control the phone with the mouse/keyboard for other functions. I've used it for years - originally with my SonyEricsson W510, then my Zte Blade & now my g300 I use it daily in work with my phone connected via usb and i've never had anyone question it - although i do have full admin rights on my work machine(firmware development), so I can install anything i want/need
  10. I followed the suggestion in the "Unlocking Bootloader" thread http://www.modaco.com/topic/362152-unlocking-bootloader-oficially-with-the-code-of-huawei/page__st__40#entry2125259 and got the code a few hours later
  11. Where can I find a dl link for the 5irom Toolbox apk. I have a copy of my original IMEI backup folder with 5.img, 10.img, 11.img but i don't have a copy of the apk to restore these. If anyone has a copy/link it would be much appreciated
  12. I like being able to revoke specific permissions for apps that don't appear to need access to certain areas. Can this still be done if using SuperSU?
  13. Anyone know where the default Infusion wallpaper is stored? I changed my background but now I want to change back and it doesn't appear in gallery or wallpaper options EDIT: just found this http://www.modaco.com/topic/355994-rom-ics-infusion-updated-25092012-b06/page__view__findpost__p__2019333 so it looks like once it's changed then it's gone unless you download the attached image and apply it manually
  14. Does anyone have an issue with the milocker lockscreen? I've tried to set it so that the home key doesn't bypass it but I don't get the option to pick it as a launcher when the settings wizard pops up. As it is now I can always bypass the lockscreen by pressing Home. Anyone else seeing this? I'm still on B05 but just wondering if it's still there on B06
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