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  1. What about stagefright? I noticed other manufacturers scrambling to get updates out to fix the issue, even Motorola are doing something and they are next to useless with updates.
  2. As I thought, I've saw similar on my S5 but thankfully Samsung were quick to update.
  3. I had a Moto G, it ran like $hit on 4.4.4, then it got updated to 5.0.2 and it ran even worse, I had an S5, it also ran crap on 5.0.2, so is it safe to say this phone will also run crap on 5.0.2? Its a well known fact 5.0.2 is poor and most have pushed updates to 5.1 to cure this issue with 5.0.2. So how does it run on this phone?
  4. Inventory checker is wrong or im not doing it right. It tells me all my local stores available to collect tomorrow. I go in do the order it checks again 1-2 weeks
  5. I was actually reading reviews for the new Moto G and someone mentioned this phone, I'm not sure how I missed it, not well advertised? Anyway what is the catch? for £125 there has to be something wrong with it. Lack of support maybe?
  6. Fantastic ROM, Thanks for all your work, I'd donate but me and Paypal don't agree :)
  7. Is the Skate/Monte Carlo the best out of all these phones?
  8. Thanks mate, did this and now have 90mb free and all the apps I need installed, Fantastic.
  9. I imagine what will happen is the limited Dev's will buy something better and bugger of,
  10. Its really pissing me of, I have about 20 apps max and constantly get the low memory warning, the 16GB SD card proves to be next to useless. Download an update you get the warning, do anything you get the warning,
  11. Not impressed, bought it for £129 2 days ago in Argos, now reduced to £89, I feel a faulty phone coming on.
  12. Twice now this has happened, usually when I am in the Gmail client, then lock the screen without exiting the app, the phone turns off and can only be turned on again by pulling the battery out, anyone else have this?
  13. I thought this might be an issue with 150mb, but I have a 16gb SD card and App2sd used to move all apps I can but I keep getting this error, I haven't even got that many apps installed. Any ideas?
  14. Well guys managed to unlock and install Atomic and so far I am impressed, I changed the CPU to 902 and all is running great, great phone, haven't found anything to complain about.
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