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  1. Now, say I don't have Linux, but rather Windows, and I can't get ADB to work..? Sorry, I'm just pretty new to this "programming" stuff dealing with phones etc..
  2. Bah.. So it's going to be a pain in the neck really, isn't it..? By the way, I noticed all my SMS messages are gone, since changing the SD cards then changing them back.. WTF?
  3. So, got myself a 16GB Kingston class 4 microSD card to replace my samsung 4GB class 2 card, now, I did the silly thing of inserting the new card, booting, and wondering why everything went wonky, when of course, I had apps2sd on the last card.. So simply asking - What do I need to do to basically copy the ENTIRE current card to the new one, with everything still working (meaning, I also need to make an ext3 partition and formet the new card into FAT32.. Right? but how would I do this with no market or ROM manager installed on the new card..??). Could do with a foolproof simple step by step guide.. Thanks a bunch everybody!
  4. It's a custom Hebrew version of LeeDroid, with whatever kernel he used, with the latest radio.. Will try wiping battery data.. Hope it works. Any info re. other problems I stated? Thanks!
  5. So, I left the phone on charge all night. In the morning the LED was green as it was supposed to be, yet as soon as I disconnected the phone from the charger, it registered 92% on the battery logo.. Why is this, and how can I deal with it? Another problem is the battery drains pretty fast, and this is with using SetCPU.. I can probably get about 5 hours of heavy usage.. Quite a pain. Another problem is heating - It heats up pretty fast when playing music and running any other app. And one more thing - I used ChompSMS, but apparently the phone was double-sending texts.. What could be causing this? Thanks a bunch :)
  6. OK I managed to mount the SD card through clockworkmod and moved the backup nandroid from my PC to the card and am restoring as I'm typing these letters.. It's just I want Apps2SD, and whenever I tried it through ROM Manager it rebooted and stayed on the HTC logo and never booted.. So I tried it manually and it said to wipe data and cache. I thought the nandroid also backs up on the phone (which I now understand is impossible with the internal memory the phone has)... It's just too complicated for me.. All i want is a custom ROM (LeeDroid for instance), with Hebrew support, a Hebrew interface and a Hebrew+English keyboard, which gives me Apps2SD and all the other goodies the custom ROM gives.. I've read every single post out there, and have tried to make sense out of it all. I don't know when and if I need to install a radio, when and how to wipe the SD card and how to make an ext3 partition, and when I know the ROM is going to work... Ah.. technology..
  7. So the story goes - I installed a custom ROM, it got into a boot loop (all this after wiping SD Card etc..), and am now in recovery trying to recover my nandroid, which claims it is not there!! Guessing this is because of the SD card wipe.. HELP!!! I have a phone bootlooping with no recovery available :) ;) :( What do I do now!?
  8. yes but if i've rooted the phone with clockwordmod recovery, why is it asking me to do this once more? it doesn't make sense.
  9. i clicked on partition SD card, but it says it wants to flash clockworkmod recovery, even though my desire is rooted.. why is this? same goes for installing a custom rom.. why is it asking to install this, even though i'm rooted?
  10. How do I clear the cache, and what does it actually affect on the phone itself..?
  11. hi there.. as title says, my desire claims the phone storage is low - what would be the best method to free up space? i have moved as many apps as i can to the sd card, yet it still gives me this alert... i've got astro installed and i couldn't find anything that weighed a significant amount of mb's that warranted a move to the sd card.. what would you suggest moving from the phone to the sd card to free up phone space..? thanks :)
  12. Sounds OK.. Only difference is Hebrew is a right to left text rather than standard left to right.. Does DeJaVu deal with that problem too? What about keyboard input languages..? Thanks
  13. And hitting the restore automatically chooses the nandroid backup? Or do I have to manually pick the date of the backup I wish to do? I'd like to install a modded ROM, I'm just worried that if I can't get the Hebrew to work, or the mod doesn't meet my expectations, I'll have a hrd time getting the system back to the way it was, with settings, data etc.. I couldn't really find a total idiot-proof guide for backing up and installing a modded ROM.. Like, literally with screenshots and everything. Any chance someone could do such a guide..?
  14. I didn't install a modded ROM yet, I just wanted root access.Thing is, the guide said the process would wipe my data, which it didn't.. Which I felt was weird, like, I still have all my contacts, preferences, etc. Nothing was wiped at all. Another thing - I did a nandroid backup - I saw the files added into the clockwordmod folder on the SD card, how would I go about restoring this backup if the newly installed ROM wouldn't work? Thanks :)
  15. I followed the guide on DroidDen, and it seems I have SuperUser permission etc. But it said in the guide it would wipe all data from my SD card, which isn't what happened - Everything is still there, like, nothing was erased, not contacts, SMS messages, apps, data... Everything is still there, same settings as before the root... Only difference is I now have the Superuser Permissions program. Is this OK? Should I be worried? I was actually petrified while doing the root process, but it seems the phone is working fine. Just help me out with realising I really did it all the way it should have been, and that my phone is in top-notch shape... Thanks :) P.S: If I install the custom Modaco ROM, is there any way of including Hebrew fonts and keyboard on it, like I got the phone from the shop..?
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