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  1. New version 1.1.2 with google search button https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vinjoe.hangman
  2. New update: version 1.1.1 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vinjoe.hangman
  3. New free Hangman game for Android! Have fun discovering many words from different dictionaries! Challenge a friend with the Two Players mode, or relax in the Single Player and upload your results in the online leaderboard! Will you save the little man? This app is fully optimized for tablets and contains a merge of different online word databases https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vinjoe.hangman
  4. About MIUI v3, the last versions were having low 3d performance, in cm7.2 this was caused by libsurfaceflinger.so that we replaced with the LiquidNext one. But MIUI is different and this patch doesn't work, I hope you could try to fix this on miui. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I noticed that mounting sd-ext as ext4 without journaling in s2e(simple2sd app) improves battery life, also without enabling app2sd. I tried it in all cm7/cm7.2 with positive effect. Could you try it and maybe someone implement it into a rom?!
  6. Thanks for your and ray's work, ray's kernel is better in ram management, but the touch problem is still there.
  7. I tried also on standard settings but the problem persists, I remember that this issue was present into a version of lupohirp's kernels for cm 7.2 but he solved it; so I think it's related to the kernel.
  8. I installed it, and I can say that is the best ics rom ever seen on my liquid a1(even if it's not well optimized for 256 mb of ram), but the touch is bugged and sometimes goes crazy doing some random input itself.
  9. Hi lupohirp, i think that the problem with deep sleep is due to the a2sd support in the kernel because the first version you released was ok without it. Also the last 2 kernels have a problem with the touchscreen (it goes crazy with high temperature). I really hope you solve these issues. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Ainillia, if you replace the libsurfaceflinger.so file into the rom, wipe and flash it you should not have problem.
  11. Hey guys, I solved the problem with the graphics. It was caused by the system\lib\libsurfaceflinger.so file. I replaced it with the liquidnext one and now neocore scores 31 fps. Try it and let me know.
  12. You're right, I tried it and had the same issues. Anybody knows what's wrong with graphics?
  13. Deep sleep didn't work and I had huge battery drain until I replaced the kernel with the last old phoenix's one. Now ram management is still great but without the 20 mb extra and the battery drain is good. But I don't know why cm7.2 3d graphics is bad also with the same egl libs of liquidnext. I think the problem is in the system\lib\egl\libGLES_android.so file but I don't know how to fix it.
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