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  1. Yes I saw that! 3 different prices in 1 day! lol
  2. My Blade is shockingly bad picking up GPS...I've waited that long I've given up sometimes! Hoping the S2 is better when I get it!
  3. The one on Expansys is now only £14.99 ;)
  4. I vote GO SMS, and Pro is now free on the market :P
  5. Yes made it...to find it had been cancelled at the last minute!!! :unsure: I wiped cache & did factory reset, then installed the zip...NOT through the update.zip function though, browsed to the file then installed it.
  6. Yes, Seb's link...I did get it from there. This one "recovery-clockwork-"
  7. Yes very late, we're an hour behind you here in the UK, but I have a meeting at 8:30am :unsure: I think that's where I got it from. The for the Gen1 zip I applied it via the entire recovery zip, not the update.zip :)
  8. I got from a link on here, can't think which thread it was on. From a trusted source though...might have been posted by Steven Harper. Downloaded the .zip file, put it on my sd card, then applied it through my older version of clockwork ( think I had v but not sure).
  9. Just rebooted into recovery, definitely v3.0.2.8 :) Just also dialled up Mr Fish again (in case I was drunk the first time I did it, or imagined it :unsure: ) ...I definitely have Gen1
  10. Hi Anil No I definately have a Gen 1. I've had my SF since October last year, and I have checked with said Mr Fish :) I've been through a few ROM's, one of Paul's to begin with, then Seb de-orangeanated, JJ and now SS. Have to say all have been pretty good for me. I'm no expert by any means, hence my question! :unsure: Cheers Dave
  11. Swedish Spring for me too, very stable. Just a quick question to those that know more than me though (which will be a very, very long list)...I have a Gen1 and before putting SS on last week upgraded my old v2 clockwork to (i didn't know that anything over wouldn't work)....BUT, I've had no problems whatsoever. :unsure: Have I been lucky, or are problems around the corner? :)
  12. Moved to SS5 today after being a long time user of JJ9. I was getting multiple "Connection cannot be made" meesages every couple of minutes, so thought it was time for a change. Everything seems fine with this, with the exception of 3G....I just never seem to get a 3G icon, even in places where it used to be strong under JJ9. Through the various ROM's I've used since I got my SF, I've never had to mess with the APN settings, but I have even created a new APN with the Orange settings found elsewhere on Modaco, but to no avail. I currently have an Edge connection, when I didn't normally at home it was either 3G or H. This soon drops to G though. I have searched this huge thread, and saw 1 post where they had fixed this same issue, but there was no explanation how they did it. Any ideas anyone?
  13. The wife wants a white one...I've explained the whole OLED/TFT screen debate, but she's adamant she'd rather have the white phone than worry about "some screen spec". She's never had an OLED screen, so I guess you don't miss what you've never had! :P Looks like its style over function for the missus...glad to hear the TFT screen still gets the thumbs up though ;)
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