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  1. I had a sgs2 previously and the app was very good especially panoramic mode. Just wondered if other devices apps can be ported across along with something to improve shutter speed. I know its a phone camera but the shutter was far better on my previous desire also. Hopefully would make an interesting modification.
  2. I Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting Huawei device. Sorry about that we can’t afford the source code for the U8815 because of the security regulations. Once again thank you for contacting Huawei device Best Regards Huawei Device Customer Care TeamDear Customer, I have replied with In your COPYRIGHT NOTICE AND WARRANTY DISCLAIMER AND WRITTEN OFFER You state the following" WRITTEN OFFER If you would like a copy of the GPL source code contained in this product shipped on a CD, for a charge of 20$ no more than the cost of preparing and mailing a CD to you, please contact [email protected] I would like to purchse if possible? Other manufactuars release this for free for development. It is a great device and wish to develop if possibe? Will it be released at some point? Thankyou Hopefully we get some good news soon.
  3. just upgraded from 884.. big improvement i think. more smoother,camera is quicker and base buttons are far more sensitive. all good here.
  4. look forward to some custom roms to make the phone nice and swift...Like the darky roms on the original galaxy etc.. Also comparing this to another android camera..does the camera not let alot of light in? Seems dark even on screen when taking a picture. Would love the camera app to be abit more functional. Alittle tame for 5mp and flash. Sure the next month alot of things will filter through.
  5. cheers guys,updated the software today with stock roms and sound now works fine..it also ditched the voda bloatware which is a bonus
  6. Sorted ... would work from my external card.. had to use the internal storage.thanks tho. reuben
  7. Anyone else get this? Im trying to update using a 4gb micro sd but keep getting this?Any help appreciated.
  8. What is needed to compile a custom rom? I am an existing galaxy user and used custom roms for a while..but never built one. Maybe a request really after using the g300 for a day but a better camera app would really make a difference Would it be as easy to pull from another phone and port one? Such as the galaxy s2 camera app. Otherwise the g300 seems a bargain so far for sure. Look forward to the development on this phone....and modaco seems to be heading it so far.. Good work so far guys
  9. Hiya...im getting my san fran back in action after getting a galaxy s .When i was using the early froyo 2.2 roms i had an issue where switching the screen bacl on via the power button the screen would become unresponsive and couldnt unlock.I would have to pull the battery...are there any froyo roms where this is sorted and that are stable? Thanks in advance guys
  10. will this solve the touchscreen going dead after a while... On the other 2.2 ones i had the touchscreen going dead after turning screen back on...2.1 no issues at all
  11. Hi,i received my new galaxy s today and after owning my san francisco im quite used to clockmod roms etc. Seems the galaxy is a very different device. I have been reading and tried to get into recovery mode with no success,i just get a looping image of galaxy logo and if i release to power button it just boots up. Also i need to understand the rom side of things...compatible roms? What rom should i be looking at?The rom on my phone states pda i9000bojg3 phone i9000bojf1 csc i9000gtmujg1 What rom sgould i be looking for compatibilty with?just the phone rom or pda etc?There all different. XDA forum seems all over the shop,modaco is alot easier to pickup the andriod mods. Thanks
  12. i have the same problem.will not go into recovery,just loops.. release power button boots up...
  13. Just a quick post,i use my san fran for work and receive various attachments. I am with gmail for email accounts but the standard gmail app doesnt allow sending of attachments?Only pictures. I want to submit a weekly timesheet with is excel document and attach it to an email..with email client allows me to do this? Also if there is one with a widget to view emails quickly on screen would be great. Any help appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the reviews guys.I was picthing the z against the original desire. The hd is far to big in fairness and my san fran is alittle of the mark so the desire or z would be the replacement. Looks like i will be looking out for a z then.Does anyone have any reviews on the camera? The san fran is pretty crap.
  15. I may have the option on either of these. What are the main differences besides the keyboard etc i understand the desire has a faster processor at 1ghz to 800mhz. Can the desire z be overclocked?How is the gpu comparable?screen size? plus any other option. Any help appreciated
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