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  1. I watched the video, it doesn't look too bad to me, and i've done a couple of phone digitizers before. Just take your time and don't pull anything too quickly, check for connector strips or connectors first.
  2. If you mean google navigation, it looks like its working for me. I have the map on the screen with the route to follow.
  3. just reflashed the rom with the new kernel, and its very nice. Not tried everything but the market works fine. Thanks for your work Trip, seems a very nice rom upto now, and its getting better.
  4. I would say it depends if she's hot or not
  5. Confirmed to work on the SK17i Paul. Look here for your confirmation, and thank you very much for your fine work as usual. My link
  6. Whats the easiest way to root this baby? Thanks
  7. Well on mine i have- Adfree Alarmclock plus Angry birds Astro file manager Dropbox Extended controls Rom manager Root booter Snesoid System panel System info widget
  8. Try posting your question in the main section as a new thread.
  9. I would remove the link to the kitchen alpha 4 prebake, Paul will not be happy about you posting it.
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