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  1. Am also on Three monthly contract and have been tethering it occasionally for 6 months or so. No problem at all, comes in use when talktalk lot start to faff about ;)
  2. I have noticed the same problem - well its not a problem and you cant even notice it to be honest expect in an absolute dark room and after a minute or two to let your eyes adjust. I have only noticed it when I started using Noled - at night. The pixels are not powered for sure. I think its to do with the optics the screen is small distance away from the front glass/touch screen so the light coming off the pixels that are on is just 'bouncing' about. I think its called internal refraction or something ;) Just a guess
  3. Just tried this RAM from the orginal alpha and everything works perfectly .. Thanks Fibblescan Lew247 i had the same problem at first I gave it a minute or two to settle down B)
  4. I have now managed to get this installed by using the Clockwork image from the link show below, the one I found here was larger in size for some reason - I no longer get the freezing in Clockwork. http://www.koushikdutta.com/2010/02/clockw...very-image.html BUT, once installed my phone does NOT boot. T-mobile logo shows up, then blank screen for a short while and then reboots and keeps looping. Tom G's 6.1 works fine ?? thanks,
  5. Will the lock screen not be under framework? - sorry am not sure as am not a developer, have just disocvered you can auto install your apps if you put them in the system/app folder B) I don't use rom managed just clockwork by booting into the blue screen and running the dos file. It freezes in clockwork, it happens randomally, I couldn't even get it to nandroid restore before it restarts. I have now tried it with another SD card - still the same problem. Currently am back to the stock t-mobile 2.1 rom. thanks,
  6. Thanks for that Richard, just tried it now using the official update from the link in the ultimate pulse guide, all was well until i installed clockwork recovery, when i try to enter it sometimes it freezes after 2 seconds sometimes after 20 ?? I tried amon recovery but that says verfication failed, and cant find an option to disable verification. ONCE in a while i do get to flashing it and it give me an error .. E: Error in /sdcard/AIOr2.zip (Status 0) installation aborted I have wiped eveything and all partitions. The official ROM i am using is from http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/library/TMOB...20Android21.zip Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. yep its a pulse U8220 (brothers, i have a blade B) ). I wiped everything tried it twice with this rom and numerous times with the other OC kernal / roms. Am back on the original cyanogin rom rc0, did try flash without wipe - still same problem. Weird stuff..
  8. Just flashed this from the original cyanogen mod realise and it just goes into a reboot cycle, t-mobile log comes up and then a black screen for a few moments then reboots? Weird thing is cyanogen mod works fine but when i try to flash the OC kernal it refuses to boot, any ideas?? thanks,
  9. Thanks magicman, some very nice work you are doing there.. Keep it up..
  10. Any ETA for a Froyo kernal ? cant wait it to try it out and see if it burns my hand whilst on a call .. like my old G1 ... :)
  11. ADW or Launcher Pro BUT Launcher Pro gets my vote, I have used them both for a while on a couple of different android phones and think it is alot more customisable and super fast ... even faster with the froyo alpha and transitions on super fast .. :)
  12. Thanks for that balli, sorry cant help you with that stuff am not a programming/coding kind of person .. no clue what so ever, did do a bit of java .. public static void .. lol :) .. back in the uni days many many moons ago .. :)
  13. yes ash.uk i have noticed the same - the ringing volume goes off silent and onto ringer by itself. I didn't report it, thought it was the buttons being pressed by accident as I have my old e71 case and the buttons seem to line up !!
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