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  1. I sold my G300 and I've packed it all up ready to post out. I did a factory reset through the Settings Menu which took it back to the Google setup on bootup - but I've just realised I had some podcasts and pics on the internal storage which I didn't manually delete. Would the factory reset wipe these files or am I going to have to open up the packaging to do this manually!
  2. I deleted a bunch of podcasts from the internal (2GB) storage using the CM file manager. If I go into the directory with either the CM file manager or the audio app, it's showing as empty. I just connected the phone to my PC using MTP to copy some more files over, and when I go to the same directory on the PC, it's still showing the old files that I deleted. But if I look into the directory on the phone itself, they're not there. I'm confused
  3. And me. Been working great since installing but over the past week it's become slower/laggy/glitchy. Today, it kept losing normal phone signal until reboot. Still a great ROM and a great effort to squeeze this much out of the hardware.
  4. I've been using this since release as a daily and all's good for me up to today. This evening, the phone has, out of the blue, started going completely dead/non responsive on me when the screen goes off. The first time, I thought it had turned itself off for some reason, but when I pressed the power button, nothing happened and I had to take out the battery to reboot. Since then, it's done the same thing 4 times in the last 10 minutes - where it boots through to my home screen and everything seems fine. However, once the screen goes to sleep and switches off, I've found that it then doesn't respond to any key presses (power button or volume keys) and the only way to power it back up is to take the battery out again and reboot. I've tried waking it up as soon as the screen dims, and that seems OK sometimes, but then I just tried it on the second time screen sleep and all that happened is that the capacitative buttons light up (and stay lit up) but the screen is blank and I had to pull the battery again. I don't think it's actually shutting down when it's doing this but for some reason it's not responding once it goes into screen sleep mode. I'm now trying with the screen sleep timer to 10 minutes to see what happens and so far it's all good after about 6 minutes with the screen on (it's always died on me by now under the previous setting) - so it defintely looks like the non-responsiveness is triggered by entering sleep mode. Has anyone else encountered this? I haven't changed any settings or installed any apps recently so I don't know why it's just started doing this today.
  5. Did an OTA over CM10 R2 and a few days ago and loving how fast and smooth it is. The battery life on 3G seems a bit poor but that's just from limited use and I've noticed the battery stats jump around a lot when putting on/off charge so I don't know how accurate that is yet. I have the white LED only issue that others have commented on. I'm running Nova Prime which is very snappy but I'm getting a lot of FC's with the Tesla Unread plug-in for unread notifications. It only seems to FC on incoming SMS texts, not on calls but I've had to uninstall it to avoid the constant FC messages Does anyone else have problems with the Tesla plug-in?
  6. Tried R5 for a couple of days. The main thing stopping it being a "daily" for me the is battery life on 3G. I timed it today and it went from 65% to 48% in exactly 10 minutes which is just crazy. I was getting almost the reverse in R2 (which is what I upgraded from) - it would go down by about 1% for every 2 minutes in that. Also noticed some distortion through the car bluetooth but that's not such a big issue.
  7. Tried R4 for a few days and fnding similar bugs as mentioned: - battery drain on 3G (over 1% per minute) - sometimes random lagging/glitching on "normal" apps use (browser, dialler etc) - screen "tearing"/freeze on boot up with lock screen problems I now just had a problem trying to access Settings where it kept jumping back out to the home screen each time, and reboots kept glitching on the lock screen/freeze. I've now restored my R2 nandroid which was running almost perfectly for me (the LED thing was the only small problem in this release) so happy to wait and watch developments. Thanks for all your efforts.
  8. Did an OTA update from R2 and seems good and responsive so far. The one thing I've noticed so far so is that screen brightness is very bright even though it's set to Auto.So if I cover the sensor or leave it, there's no change in the screen brightness. I've tried taking it off Auto and manually sliding it to a lower setting but as soon as I put it on back on Auto, it goes very bright and doesn't respond to environmental light changes. It worked OK on R2.
  9. Looking forward to trying this over the weekend. Can anyone confirm if LED now flashes for notifications and if you can change different colours for email, texts, calls etc using Blink or Light Manager (or even the CM10 functionality, I can't remember if you can customise light colours directly?) Thanks
  10. Does this have the vibrate-on-answer setting that used be on the old CM7 ROMS? I can't seem to see it in any of the settings.
  11. @ sssingletrack - Yes, stock gps config, I haven't made any changes and I have no problems on mine now. It's funny you mention it though because I did have the same problem with GPS not locking on, and a lot of drop outs when I was using the previous version (where I restored apps/data with GO backup). I posted a question on it if you look back. It's the main reason I did a clean install. I use Waze a lot (it's a great satnav app with live traffic info) and it was always dropping. Haven't noticed anything since the new install. @ fuzzyy - I've never used stock browser so maybe that's why it's not been an issue for me. I prefer the speed/interface of Opera Mobile which hasn't crashed on me that I can remember.
  12. Am I the only one that doesn't seem to have any major problems with the current version? I've been using it as for the last 2 weeks and apart from the bluetooth not piping through the car speakers (which I know there's a fix for but I hardly use it so can't be bothered), it's 100% solid. Battery life is great, no lagging, no caller-ID delay, no reboots, and Temple Run works which sorts out my commute to work! Obviously everyone uses it differently so perhaps my use/profile doesn't find any rough edges - I use it on wifi/3G, lots of sat nav use, browsing, "book" reading, email and calendar syncing, and as a phone - but I'm very happy with it, and as soon as I've got funds coming into paypal from ebay sales, I'll be donating for the efforts that Dazzozo puts into this. (Just remembered I did have some issues on the previous versions when I used GO backup to restore apps/data so for this release, I did a complete wipe/clean install and downloaded all apps from the market, and reconfigured everything from scratch so maybe that's a factor too - there's no legacy crap to screw things up?)
  13. Downloading now. Does the Disable Hardware Overlay thing still need to be set or is it no longer suffering random freezes?
  14. Been running this for a few days and all's good (taking into account the issues already identified). Today I tried to use Navigation/Maps for the first time and I couldn't get a GPS lock no matter how long I left it, and in the end the Nav app just closes. I flashed the new GAPPS when I installed the ROM, and I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Maps from the Market but same result. I've tried running other apps that use GPS (like WAZE) and this too couldn't lock on. Can't see anyone else raising this as a problem so any suggestions what to try? If all else fails, I'll do a wipe and clean install (at the moment I did a OTA over CM9).
  15. After disabling the Hardware overlay setting, this is a great ROM for everyday use. Only two real niggles for me: 1) Bluetooth connection is poor/crackly audio 2) The LED notifications Apart from that, for a first release, it's pretty impressive
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