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  1. I have a G300 on Stock Rom (it's rooted so I'm not sure if that is technically stock) what would I have top do to get the file? Backup? Let me know and I'll do it for you
  2. Hi all, What would be the best way to sync all my Quickpic folders to Google drive? Is there an app that could help instead of manually ticking each pic on my Huawei Ascend G300 running Gingerbread 2.3? Thanks in advance Sam
  3. Hi all, What would be the best way to sync all my Quickpic folders to Google drive? Is there an app that could help instead of manually ticking each pic on my Huawei Ascend G300 running Gingerbread 2.3? Thanks in advance Sam
  4. Picked up the Moto G from Tesco 2 nights ago. Having dived in for a bargain (£40 after using clubcard boost) and providing my misus with an early christmas present without properly reading up on it was surpised to find no SD card slot or wall charger. The bumph tells me that the lack of SD card is because Google want to promote cloud based storage which is fair enough I suppose but which services do they recommend for Pictures, Music, Large Apps? Taking the back off may cause problems for some as it feels like it has to literally forced off (can see a few of them snapping for folk) It's had decent reviews so far but personally would not swap for my Ascend G300 These are my early thoughts and will have to play with it a bit more to give a more rounded view
  5. still not found a solution to this, any ideas Modaco'ers?
  6. I activated my Ovivo sim yesterday and ported over me number from Giffgaff on my Ascend G300. All's well except on this phone I use Opera mini beta 5 for browsing as the forums I frequent appear much better, the settings for Ovivo obviously default the stock browser so it can redirect to ads which I have no problem with as I'm getting a good deal. Is there a way to set Opera as my default, I've tried the old Settings-applications-manage applications-clear default but the clear default is greyed out on stock browser any ideas folks?
  7. I installed the performance and graphic files last night and have seen a drop in performance according to benchmark Before 4080 After 4036 I'm running a rooted stock rom V2.3.6 Any ideas? Basband 109808
  8. Hi, I'm running a rooted stock romantic and have suddenly encountered this problem. After a restart or reboot I lose launcher pro homescreen along with smooth calendar and fancy widgets. Both apps are saved to phone Any ideas Modaco people?
  9. Tweakdeck was immense, I can't find anything else that comes near it and since it went down at 5pm last night I've tried Plume) Carbon Tweetcaster Twitter Hootsuite Falcon Pro (struggling to get it working at the moment) with Tweakdeck I could have a column for someone's timeline without following them Exact time of tweet constantly looking for updates great notifications The contacts screen and list was really helpful there must be a solution to this and it's obvious I am not alone in my thinking ..and last of all thanks for the work you did on the app Paul it was much appreciated Sam Manchester
  10. btw I removed the Sim and SD card but left Swedish Spring on it when I took it back, it was returned with the stock O range ROM on it
  11. Just got mine back from Argos repair centre after returning it with two left before the 12 months was up see thread http://www.modaco.com/topic/355571-bricked-or-dead-battery-help-required/ Anyway, after several phone calls I picked it up on Saturday, they said that the pcb motherboard had been replaced :blink: All working fine again with Swedish Spring RL5 running
  12. It has gone back to Argos today with 1 day left before 12 months ownership is up, they have sent it off for repair Watch this space
  13. I have a Gen 2 Blade with Swedish Spring RL5 installed and has been for months. The phone has been running well with no problems at all since the installation of the Swedish Spring ROM. On Tuesday night the battery drained completely and the phone shut down (nothing unusual just needed charging). Wednesday, put it on charge for a couple of hours at work and all that was happening was the green robot was flashing on and off (as was the red back light), the phone would not power on or boot up. I put the phone on charge all last night and again this morning would not power up and there are no signs of life at all No green robot No red light No vibration nothing when pressing a combination of power, volume up, volume down, menu button One thing I have noticed is that the back of the phone at the top is getting very hot! So, at this moment there are no signs of life at all and after reading several threads on the subject last night and today wonder whether this is a brick or a battery problem. Before I try the fastboot method (I'm not it would happen anyway as I get nothing when pressing power and volume up/down as mentioned in the fastboot method) This issue only occured since the battery drained to nothing on Tuesday but this has happened before and after some charging is back to life. I would appreciate any suggestions and would feedback so that other Blade users could possibly use the thread for reference Thanks in advance Sam Manchester
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