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  1. Use the Gingerbread theme from the 1st post in the old topic (ISTR it disables the power widget?) http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...-for-zte-blade/ The question is, why would you want to? It's SOOO useful :(
  2. Check which WIFI channel your router is running on - there's problems with the Desire nighties that ROM is ignoring the regulatory area and only using channels 1-11
  3. I installed Beta4 yesterday from a wipe install and can confirm that the WIFI Disconnects, other than that it's a very swift and stable ROM, nice to have all the sensors working again (it's no fun at all having X-Plane going round and round in circles on the runway). Thanks Paul!
  4. +1 It also completely forgets where you are - the only way around this seems to be to bookmark the page before you leave the App. Complete garbage.
  5. I used the version from the Android market on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, and after a couple of minutes the figure's around 108,500 NPS (though after running DroCap in the background, this seems to drop a little to 106k NPS, see attached file) Any use to you?
  6. Well, IMO the iPhone->iPad works well because the pixels are just doubled up, so the original iPhone resolution of 320x480 is resized to 640x960, which fits well centrally on an iPad screen. I've not seen it, but I suspect the resolution increase from 800x480->1024x600 will be pretty gnarly, and appear 'out of focus' due to the 1 pixel being increased to 1.25 pixels.
  7. :-) Glad I could help. WiSyncPlus was a very complex way of saving battery by disabling APN's, based on time of day, current battery charge, whether it was being charged, whether the screen on, which way the wind was blowing and how many sacrificial goats you'd slung on the altar that day. All of this controlled through a horrific UI. It's a very old app (I had it on my G1), so I guess it predates any way of controlling 3G in the underlying OS, so it renamed the APN's instead. Regards, JCB
  8. Perhaps the WSP is for WiSyncPlus (a battery saving App that mucks about with your APN's?) http://www.gearsoft.mobi/products/product/3
  9. I baked my first ever Modaco ROM earlier today and it works fine.. Did you tell ROM manager to clear your Data & Cache? The only problem I've found with the ROM is the Radio image doesn't show when you're roaming, so I've reverted back to
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