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  1. Cleaned the inside of my screen to get rid of the dust as per the instructions on page 1, but like a few other people here it has resulted in a non-working touchscreen afterwards. I haven't done any obvious damage that I can see to the ribbon cable, one of the oval shaped metal sponge things that run down both sides did fall off but I managed to wedge it into place successfully. Did anyone who had the same problem come up with a solution? I'm not so sure it's the digitzer because even when I turned on the phone with the digitizer disconnected and tried running my finger across the actual screen itself it was still not responding to touch...or maybe that's normal with no digitizer connected? Thanks for any help.
  2. scoula

    dust under screen

    Hi, how did you do this without voiding your warranty? The only way I can see of cleaning out the dust is by removing all the screws and opening the OSF. This then leads to a voided warranty as I have to screw through the white warranty void sticker. Care to share how you did it? :) Thanks.
  3. So surely this could be used to go back to gen1 from gen2? As I understood the only problem with going back to gen1 after gen2 was the IMEI number changed, but with this program that can be solved.
  4. So if your blade goes faulty you won't be able to load a stock ROM and return it? :)
  5. I flashed the fixed sms app at the same time as installing the ROM and it works fine. One thing I have noticed is that after listening to music and unplugging my earphones when I go to adjust the ringtone volume using the buttons at the side it still adjusts the media volume and not the ringtone volume even after music has stopped. Is this the same for others?
  6. I'm going to flash this ROM later today, can anyone confirm please that's it not using the fixed SMS app? That way I can just flash it in clockwork the same time as installing the ROM. Thanks.
  7. I'm also getting this problem. If I'm on a train or in a car and move outside of a 3G area it seems to take the whole reception down when going back to 2G, meaning I can't receive/make calls or receive/send texts while it waits to go back to 2G. Like Cisco Rooter I also get a little x above the reception bars when this happens. Not sure if it's a fault of the ROM or not, it's just I can't remember having this problem on 2.1 Edit: A quick way to reproduce this problem is by ticking the "Use only 2G networks" in settings > wireless networks > mobile networks. When ticking this option it seems to completely cut out the signal while switching to 2G. As a test I went back to 2.1 and tried the same thing. With 2.1 the signal doesn't cut out when changing to 2G.
  8. Can anyone explain what this proximity sensor problem is before I flash the ROM? Thanks.
  9. Is there a way to disable the 270 degree screen rotation?
  10. Yeah I would like to know this too please. Bit concerned it will unlock itself in my pocket as all you have to do it press the menu key twice.
  11. Yeah I also get that problem. Another problem I'm facing is when I go to view a message and then exit messaging I get process com.android.mms FC. Apart from those two issues everything seems great so far. Cheers. :D
  12. Are other people getting this problem too? Was just about to upgrade to this ROM but will hold off if I can't receive calls when the screen is locked!

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