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  1. I was just wondering how did you make the bottom widgets have colours? As mine are just white :)
  2. I try'd the barcode scanner, I click on Open Browser and it said not found.
  3. Hello I'm a noob to this I'm trying to Fancy Widget app but can't find it :S
  4. One more question how is the youtube video playback on the phone? As on the Samsung Jet it was really bad.
  5. Hi people, My first time posting on here and I just want to get some thoughts on the phone by users if that's okay. Would this phone be good for a first smart phone? I have a Samsung Jet I did like it until Samsung decided to leave the Jet behind and stop doing apps for it. Is the camera really bad indoors/night time? And I heard that there's a hissing sound with the music on the speaker and earphones is that with all the phones or just a random fault? Thanks
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