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    Xiaocai X9, Vido Mini One
  1. daisyhayseed

    Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.

    Hi Nhede I'm using your ROM and I haven't encountered any loss of network following a reboot. Things seem to be working OK for me. For reference, I'm on the Three network. Cheers for your contribution to the community. Daz
  2. daisyhayseed

    Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.

    Thanks to Frankish et al for setting up this thread and providing so much helpful information. I received my X9 yesterday and using the information provided I succesfully rooted and installed CWM. I ordered the X9 as a "stop gap" option, as I recently broke my Zopo C2. Considering the price for the phone (Sub £90 after delivery) I am very impressed with the build quality and the standard of the OS it came installed with (Android 4.2.1). Fair enough, the X9 is entirely plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap. While I am missing the screen size of the C2 I am really impressed with how light and slim the phone is. I'm impressed with the sound produced by the back speaker and it has a lovely IPS screen too. I have one question for everyone. Is there any real benefit in switching from the stock firmware to another ROM (MIUI, ASOP, other) at present? Cheers
  3. daisyhayseed

    Amoi N820 getting Android 4.1 Jellybean

    I got an Amoi N820 through Etotalk with Custom Firmware installed to remove Chinese apps and enable the Play Market. I got it as an experiment bit have to say that I am delighted with the device. It has handled everything I have thrown at it and has a very decent battery life. I understand that Etotalk will update the firmware to Jelly Bean shortly so I can't wait to give it a try.
  4. I've really enjoyed trying out this ROM and N25 is good for me so far. I have one minor complaint. While online video streaming seems to work well, on sites such as tvcatchup.com, I can't seem to access tmobiles mobile TV services through any of the cm7 nightlys I have used so far. I subscribe to the sky sports mobile TV package through T-Mobile. This service works fine on both of the JJ and FLB latest ROMs. I was wondering whether there is anything I need to edit within the cm7 ROM or settings to enable me to access this service. I don't know whether this issue should be logged as a bug? If anyone can offer me some advice it would be appreciated.
  5. Have you tried Soft Keys?
  6. Good call just tried it through the BBC desktop page and it works.
  7. Ahh, I'm sure that it will be only a matter of time before someone comes along to curtly advise you to use the search function my friend. :lol: There is an existing thread all about this topic, search it out for all the information you require. Now I let the mods take over.
  8. daisyhayseed

    I want an app for...

    The Soup Thief, are you still looking for a good recipe app? Try Epicurious, its very glossy and easy to use. It also has the shopping list functionality you were referring to.
  9. daisyhayseed

    Problem free Blade

    Dear OSF I've had you for 3 months without any problems, not even the commonly reported screen freeze issue. We've tried a number of different ROMs together and now happily settled on the jelly range. A friend of mine was going to buy a Wildfire until he saw you running froyo. Now he has hooked up with one of your friends and he is very happy as well. Love from Daz
  10. I can vouch for the Fiio E5 as being a decent product. However if you're looking for an all out volume increase I recommend the Jabra BT3030 Bluetooth dogtag. You can use your choice of headset with it. The device has its own volume control. When I have both the phone and the Jabra device up to max volume I find my media to sometimes be too loud. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my music loud! So from my point of view it does the job. P.S. I know it sounds ridiculous now I've responded, but shouldn't this thread be in the main forum?
  11. daisyhayseed

    Very important in you like games

    Interesting. Tell me, are you using an OLED or TFT model? I only ask because I use an OLED without the need for HWUI zip. But my mate uses a TFT and needed to enable the HWUI to improve his gaming experience.
  12. daisyhayseed

    Very important in you like games

    I'm currently using Jellyfish RL7 and without the optional HW zip and NFS runs perfectly fine on my phone even with Spotify playing in the background. It is worth mentioning that I've got SetCPU overclocking at 700. I understand that you need some CPU overclocking in place to activate the ahb overclock.
  13. daisyhayseed

    T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    My contract came up for renewal this month. I spoke with T-Mobile on Saturday and I was gutted to hear that they would be changing their policy in February. As I have an unlocked Blade I advised them that I would likely go to Giffgaff on a sim only deal as their internet usage would be preferable. They phoned me back today and said that they would equal Giffgaff's terms and allow me to keep my 3gb per month allowance on a 12 month contract. I'm glad I waited a few days. In general I think that some of the major companies are being short-sighted. They lure people into 18+ month contracts with smart phones and don’t provide customers with a sufficient service to use the phones to their full potential. Then again, what’s new :D ?
  14. Check the front page, there is an additional zip provided. :D
  15. daisyhayseed

    Spotify users

    I use spotify everyday and as far as I know they haven't added this function to the application yet (Despite plenty of requests from users :D).

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