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  1. It's a cheap contract because you get bugger all. To the phone company there's not much difference between selling you this contract or a sim free nexus. Come on, less than two hours calling per month?I didn't realise it was a quidco thing so I guess that's not so bad.I just feel every time I try these expensive handsets in store I think to myself is it doing anything I can't currently do on my blade? Usually no.
  2. And lack of LED indicators? Why u do this?! Seriously the only thing I want to improve on my blade is the camera, and I can't justify dropping £300 just to improve the camera, I bought an S95 Canon for £230!
  3. You can get the Nexus S for £250 completely unlocked, simfree. Then you can get a rolling 30 day with better value than that contract. Cashback deals.....ugh, I'd steer well clear.
  4. Nice one guys! I post it before bed and wake up to an answer.I thought titanium might be intefering with settings....I'm gonna try this later but I'm confident it will work, otherwise I'll do a wipe and not restore titanium system settings from the different rom. Thanks, Andy
  5. On the latest stable cm7 release I turn on wifi but it turns itself off after a few seconds. What's going on?
  6. Do I have to enable "Wake from Menu"? I installed it in the bake but it's not working.
  7. Is r9 worth doing? I just put r8 on this morning. Unlock with menu button doesn't work for me...
  8. OK I took the plunge and installed JellyFish. I notice a significant increase in general responsiveness, I am impressed! I don't think it's psychological either. Very snappy. And with the FB sync feature working (Just testing it out now...) this is a most pleasing ROM. Can't really ask for more! Edit: I'm not sure I'm doing this FB sync correct. Previously I synced with SyncMyPix and that assigned pictures into the contacts. I want the FB sync to do the same. It doesn't look like it has replaced any photos... But it does say the FB account has been added and I ticked "Sync with Existing contacts"
  9. mvideoplayer is the best player but it only plays native formats (MP4) It has a fantastic UI, great playback features like bookmarks, sorting by watched/unwatched etc, and is FREE! It also supports subtitles.
  10. Never noticed that. I'd like to know when these ROM makers will have what they class as a "Final" release based on the Jap kernel. If it'll be final in a few weeks I'll wait.
  11. "And backlights working." By backlights you mean the LED behind the physical back button? Mine is working... Does paul's R6 have the Facebook syncy business and the wake on any button feature? (And if not, why no?!) Appreciated, Andy
  12. Guys, I'm on Paul's r5 release. Pretty happy, no crashes except a bout of non-responsive screen one time. Am I correct in thinking that the r5 Paul's is a beta kernel and I should be looking at one of the release ROMs instead? Or should I be waiting until we get a proper signed/sealed, 100% official Froyo ROM that we don't have to have 14 pages of people asking about DNS caching or A-GPS configuration with links to Chinese websites and the like? I would quite like to have Facebook sync contacts working. I use SyncMyPix atm but would prefer it automated. Also pressing home instead of power to wake screen would be good (Jelly apparently does this). So what ROM should I get or should I wait for a 100% official Blade Froyo? Let's try and keep this a short discussion! Cheers, Andy
  13. Hopefully a fully stable 2.2 will be available within a week from now. OPTIMISM HIGH.
  14. I'm on Paul's r5a, what's the diff moving to JapJelly?
  15. Gesture search has a gesture invocation! If you give the phone a flip like flicking your wrist then it goes straight to gesture search.
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