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  1. MARKET FIX AFTER CHANGING DPI Change the dpi by editing build.prop, then open LCD Density Modder Pro -> Market fix -> click on temp. Reboot, delete g. play data, open it and click on "accept". Then edit dpi as the same value as you did at 1st step. Reboot and enjoy smaller DPI and fully working G. Play :) (Sorry for my english :) )
  2. Is there any FUNCTION method for market fix ? I changed DPI from 240 to 190, and the market shows some apps. incompatible. I tried changing 1st to 160dpi, then to 190, doesn't worked, i tried market fix from Lcd Modder Pro or how it's called and that didn't work too :(. I'am going back to CM9, 'cause Lcd modedr pro is compabitile with ICS.

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