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    t-mobile not saying anything ?

    my understanding is, that whilst t mobile and orange are seperate companies, they went 50-50 on everything everwhere, which controls their UK operations. so they are one company here but competitors internationally.
  2. rbbrslmn

    Have they fixed the low volume?

    very good to hear that the volume is better, will pick one up once its unlocked.
  3. the problem is of course the volume.... its only really usable with 16ohm headphones but they pick up some interference. however. theres another solution, at the moment I'm using it with klipsh s1 headphones, and a fiio e3 headphone amplifier. its still far from perfect, but its better. that said I dont think this phone is good enough to use solely as an mp3 player.
  4. rbbrslmn

    Google+ What do you think about it.

    as far as I can see its a very nice well designed thing that has absolutely no chance of success because everyone has, like it or not, facebook.
  5. rbbrslmn

    Headphone sound low

    upgrade to cm7. its noticably louder.
  6. rbbrslmn

    new model after the balde?

    after the balde you want to get the wig.
  7. rbbrslmn

    New phone selection

    there is no android phone available with better screen resolution than the san francisco all the phones you have listed have significantly inferior screens and despite their retail price would actually be a downgrade, if you want a better phone you will need to go high end. aside from its awful camera the blade pounds all these phones with its specs.
  8. rbbrslmn

    Phone Number

    android phones cannot save the phone number to the sim. dumbphones can. putting the sim in the dumphone saves the number to the sim and then it will display properly in android.
  9. rbbrslmn

    Phone Number

    put the sim in an old dumbphone and it should sort if for you
  10. I cant remember who it was here but I sold my sisters busted TFT phone (the mic had died) to someone who had killed his OLED screen and he fixed it easy enough. it is 'simple' but apparently a false move can kill teh screen, its probably not a task for someone who hasnt tinkered before.
  11. rbbrslmn

    ZTE Blade from Amazon

    try and buy it, they will either let you check out or not. that its locked on orange is irrelevant, surely?
  12. i went from jj6 to cm7. mostly its an improvement, i like the look and feel of it a bit more and its fixed the wierd audio problems that plagued stock every rom I've had on since i bought the thing. the one annoyance is that it reboots when being woken from sleep whilst charging.
  13. thanks for the info fella, shame the whopper above had to get in a nark about it.
  14. my phone feels heavier after installing this, does anyone know how much CM7 weighs?

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