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  1. Actually, after flashing...step 7 never shows up i.e the phone boots back into the FTM again. Same problem as the above poster... "Disconnect your phone and remove the battery. Reinsert the battery and turn on the phone (normally, with no buttons pressed). Your phone should boot into clockworkmod recovery."
  2. shad0wboss

    [Guide] de-bricking a ZTE Blade

    apparently i can't find the offset 0x1215. I tried changing the partition through TPT but the phone didn't boot when i used the combination. I tried changing sd card and tried again but didn't work. I then used the windows method and ended by bricking my phone which was expected. And now i can't find the offset because i believe my IMEI is f***** up...What should i do now?
  3. People say it's the easiest method when it is the most painful method. After reading several threads, i have changed my sd card as well as some sd cards don't work. I've tried volume up + menu + power and volume up + power but the tpt method isn't trigering the re partition I have only 1 folder named "image" in sd card with the bin file in it but it's not working. Any genius out there who can help me as soon as possible?
  4. I'm running a GB 2.3.7 and i find the sound quality pretty bad even with the dsp. Are there any plugins which are good enough to enhance the sound, maybe add srs or something?
  5. I've tried Mokee 2.3.7 but the wifi isn't working even with 3-4 different kernels. Anyways, is there any other rom with some eye candy and as fast as Mokee?
  6. 72 views and not even a single reply/suggestion? Come on guys i'm in need of help !
  7. About a year ago i converted my Gen 1 SanFrancisco to Gen 2 in order to flash the latest roms of that time. Now i noticed that there's no such thing mentioned in most of the roms around so i was wondering whether it wil brick my phone or not... Can someone please help me out here on which rom to choose and whether all the roms would work on my phone or not...
  8. shad0wboss

    Porting clockwork

    you mean another phone's rom? wouldn't that brick my phone? Also no CWM has been developed along with the ROMS for this phone whatsoever...it's a shame that there aren't any devs with this device yet !
  9. shad0wboss

    Porting clockwork

    unfortunately it doesn't..at least for now
  10. shad0wboss

    Porting clockwork

    Is there a tool or anything laying around which helps porting CWM to new devices..the one i'm trying to port CWM to is I9001 since there's NO ONE around who is willing to work on it. Any guide, anything will be very appreciated as long as it's related to porting CWM
  11. yea i meant gapps lol, thanks !
  12. can you give the link to the addons?
  13. how's the battery in the latest nightly guys? i'm switching to CM7 soon if someone confirms a decent battery life :/ i'm missing render effects lol
  14. thanks for finding out the real name of the setting "Render effect" that's what i wanted to know if it was anyhow possible in other gingerbread roms but it seems impossible unless the real setting is pulled from CM7 and then pushed into other gingerbread roms? Any mini tut on that?
  15. shad0wboss

    Blade alternative!

    yea i guess you're right... either monte carlo or xperia x10 would be a good choice too. Get yourself a good 4" or above phone and i think that would do what you're looking for

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