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  1. When exactly did KonstaT announce that he will make the features of his ROMs into a popularity contest? I for one missed the memo. I have enjoyed his work for a long time now and I'm immensely grateful. I did disagree with a design decision once (in Swedish Snow) but I'm grown up enough to shut up when the man says no. These wishlists we're getting on this thread are pretty much useless. You can read the first post and see what this ROM is aiming to be. Please don't add too much noise. Thank you :-)
  2. Just installed the latest R20. The battery mod makes this this no longer vanilla. :(
  3. I noticed a little issue with file downloads. The problem is, they all fail. :) Files from XDA, or even new versions for this ROM - fail immediately. Common to any file I try to download from the web browser. Anyone notice the same or have i broken something myself?
  4. At first I was disappointed to learn that there will be no Vanilla version of this ROM - I was happily using MMHMP vanilla versions. However, I decided to check it out and was delighted to find a very Vanilla look and feel by default! Not missing a special Vanilla at all. Very happy with this one! I haven't encountered any major bugs and the system is very smooth and snappy. The hardware backlights still have a hard time making up their mind whether or not they need to be lighted at any given time. Some indecisiveness also in the screen auto-brightness. MMHMP displayed the same problems, and I seem to remember CM7 having this too.
  5. Is there any way to configure the sensitivity or thresholds of the automatic screen brightness? Maybe something in the Emote Helper that I fail to find? Brightness of my screen is fine when outdoors, fully lit rooms, or very dark environments, but the chillout lighting in my living room in the evenings seems to hit some magical threshold that makes the brightness change constantly :)
  6. Nice! Been looking for a vanilla ROM for my Blade, and this is pretty darn close. :)
  7. This ROM seems very nice, been using the Lite version for a couple of days now. CM7 feels bloated now :) The only thing I miss is the "News and Weather" app which i thought was part of the AOSP distribution. I can't find it in the Market either. Just because I had to find something to criticize! :)
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